Tony Stewart is a driver who usually is never far from controversy and a wreck but does he have a hit list? I’m not saying Stewart goes out of his way to wreck drivers but there is a definite pattern when you look at all the recent spectacular crashes that have occurred around the 14.

At Dover young Joey Logano was the victim of Stewart’s front bumper and Sliced Bread went on the roller coaster ride of his life. The 20 Home Depot car which Stewart drove last year flipped seven and a half times before the violent crash came to its conclusion. Young Joey thankfully was unhurt.

(Since people really liked to see the wreck and I like showing it, here it is once again)

Logano isn’t the only victim of Stewart’s front bumper this season. Kyle Busch also was sent spinning in a death spiral at the Coke Zero 400 Daytona race in the summer.  Stewart said he didn’t like winning races like this, but Kyle Busch is most likely still fuming in a NASCAR hauler somewhere. This incident that you will see below happened on the last straightaway of that race.

So if you’ve caught on to the pattern which I’m pretty sure all you fantasy racers would because your smart. All of the victims of these spectacular wrecks are drivers for Joe Gibbs Racing. Going by this thinking there is only one more driver out there who is in Stewart’s cross hairs this season and that driver is Denny Hamlin.

Remember back to the 2007 Daytona summer race when Stewart and Hamlin collided when they were running 1-2 in that race. After the wreck Stewart accused Denny Hamlin of not knowing the definition of the word “teammate” (see video below for reference). The wrecks just keeping getting worse and with the history between these two who knows what Stewart has up his sleeve for his next “racing incident”.

In 2009 Denny Hamlin is Joe Gibbs Racing only car in the Chase so if you ask me I think Stewart is just waiting to make his move. Many people have speculated that Denny Hamlin will win the championship (crazy talk if you ask me) so Stewart is likely to make his move soon.

(Start watching 30 seconds into the clip)

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