[picapp align=”left” wrap=”true” link=”term=denny+hamlin&iid=1199581″ src=”2/2/7/d/CocaCola_600_2256.jpg?adImageId=9869202&imageId=1199581″ width=”234″ height=”163″ /]1. Denny Hamlin– I know fellow fantasy racers have seen Denny Hamlin proclaimed as the man who may beat Jimmie Johnson. You’ll see this everywhere. I don’t know about them but I know Denny Hamlin will not be the man who challenges Jimmie Johnson.

First of all if your going to challenge Jimmie Johnson you need more then 1 career win on a track that isn’t either short of flat. Many of the people who are jumping on the Denny Hamlin bandwagon are the same people who thought it would be impossible for Kyle Busch to miss the Chase (which I predicted months in advance on the radio). I’m not saying Denny Hamlin will miss the 2010 Chase by calling him a bust, but come on fellow fantasy prognosticators how can you fall for this one. His bum knee won’t help either.

2. Brian Vickers Did you know that Brian Vickers hasn’t had a top 10 in the last 10 races of the year going all the way back to 2007? It’s true. Vickers looked promising heading into the Chase but once he got there the Red Bull team took 3 steps back. They were  a good intermediate track team last year but even in these races in the Chase Vickers crumbled like a cookie.

3. Ryan Newman Newman made the Chase based on consistency not competitiveness. From a historical Ryan Newman perspective last season was a complete outlier for him. Newman used to be a DNF machine but last season somehow he turned into Mr. Consistent. If he performs like he did last year and his DNF count goes up then I believe there is no way in the world Ryan Newman will make the 2010 Chase.

4. David Reutimann I honestly think we seen the best of David Reutimann last year. I can’t find any reason to think that Reutimann’s 2010 season will be better. What I do know is that the competition below him will improve and when they rise, Reutimann will fall.  Here’s a little refresher about his Coca Cola 600 win. Reutimann’s car was so bad that if he were to have done the final pit stop the 00 car would come out last because his car needed some big adjustments.

5. Brad Keselowski- He took the NASCAR world by storm in Hendrick equipment (and Hendrick affiliated equipment) last year but he meet reality in 2009 when he stepped into the 12  car. Brad Keselowski also has enemies already and Kyle Busch has been on record saying something along the lines that he hopes people will wreck him in the first 5 races so he’ll be outside the top 35 in owner points. Let’s not forget his ongoing feud with Denny Hamlin, you know its not over.