Clint Bowyer Fantasy NASCAR2010 Stats: Points Finish 10th, 2 Wins, 7 Top Fives, 18 Top Tens, Average Running Position 14.4, Average Finish 14.4, Laps Led 400, Driver Rating 91.7

Don’t underestimate Clint Bowyer. I can’t think of any other driver who’s as continually under estimated as him and the #33 team. I think the reason is that the media always passes on him and says “It’s just Clint Bowyer”. Don’t fall into their eternally wrong trap.

In 2010 Clint Bowyer had a career high in wins. He didn’t score the most points when he won, but the “W” is still next to his name. Last season Bowyer won at New Hampshire and Talladega. He also lead a career high 400 laps in 2011.

Strengths- Clint Bowyer is at his best on short tracks and flat tracks.  One notable strength about Clint Bowyer is that he’s a consistent driver who does a good job avoiding trouble on the track. So far in his career he only has eight DNF’s, Ryan Newman had that many in a single season.

Weaknesses- Bowyer is a good road course driver but his 31st and 32nd place finishes are nothing to be excited about.

Intermediate Track Grade- B+, Many of Clint Bowyer’s bad finishes came on intermediate tracks last season. When he avoided trouble he almost always was a 7th through 15th place driver. His best intermediate tracks are the 1.5 cookie cutters.

Flat Track Grade- A-, Half of Clint Bowyer’s career wins have come on this style of track. Last season he won at New Hampshire and had just enough fuel in his tank to do a victory celebration. He was heavily penalized after the win but in fantasy racing points are never taken away, so in my mind if my drivers aren’t cheating, they’re not trying.

I prefer Clint Bowyer more on the small flat tracks but he’s also pretty good on the big ones. His average finish on the big flats last season was 9.3.

Restrictor Plate Track Grade- A, As I said earlier Clint Bowyer does a good job avoiding trouble on the track. Last season his average finish on these wild cards tracks was 7.25. His results were 4th, 7th, 17th and 1st. Does it get any safer on this style of track? I don’t think so.

Short Track Grade- A-, Clint Bowyer’s short track average finish last season was 17.8.  If you take away his 40th (Bristol) and 38th (Martinsville) place finishes his average finish jumps to 6.5. I believe the in 6.5 more than I believe the 17.8. He’s a versatile short track driver who almost always gets a top ten.

Road Course Track Grade- B, Things didn’t go smoothly for Clint Bowyer on the ambidextrous tracks last year. However that’s the not the typical trend for him. Before last year Bowyer finished in the top ten at Infineon 80% percent of the time. Would you pass on those odds?

Watkins Glen has been tougher on him but before last season he finished in the top 20 eighty percent of the time. Road courses are not wild cards tracks so I don’t like his odds at Watkins Glen.

How to use Clint Bowyer from a Fantasy NASCAR Perspective in 2011? Focus on using Clint Bowyer on the flat tracks, short tracks and plate tracks. Also don’t be afraid to use him at intermediate tracks and Infineon.

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