Phoenix International RacewayAre you a little lost about how to approach the Kobalt Tools 500 because the track is completely different? Here’s how I’m preparing for it and how I think you should as well.

Phoenix is now essentially…… the 1.0 mile Richmond of the west coast. There’s obvious track differences but these two are the most closely related in my fantasy racing opinion. If these two tracks aren’t the most similar then we’re looking at a unique track. I think it’s better to have a compass in fantasy racing instead of being lost. That’s why this is my theory and I’m sticking to it.

There are some differences and here they are:

  1. Track length: Richmond is a .75 mile track and the new Phoenix track layout is 1 mile (confirmed).
  2. Banking: Richmond is banked a little bit more but I think (not an engineer) the higher speeds because of the longer track length will equalize this variable a little.
  3. Location of Pit Road: This is perhaps the biggest difference when comparing the two tracks. For fantasy purposes this is a non game changer. At Richmond pit road is located on a dog leg and at Phoenix it is located on a straight away.

This link will take you to a picture of the differences between the Phoenix old layout and the present.