2011 was fun to watch but the 2012 Sprint Cup season should be just as exciting
Credit: By Tom Pennington, Getty Images for NASCAR

Due to the constant coverage given to sports like baseball, football, basketball and hockey, some other sports can be a bit hard to follow on television or in the news. For example, to keep close tabs on NASCAR, you might have to look into additional programs from services like direct tv. Indeed, while the big races are usually shown on the ESPN networks, extensive NASCAR news and coverage is somewhat rare on even these channels, meaning that you may have to look elsewhere if this is something that you are interested in following. And, with the tight points finish we witnessed in the Sprint Cup Chase, fans should try to catch all the action they can across the different networks.

Perhaps the most intriguing part of the season was the dead-even tie atop the standings, where Tony Stewart and Carl Edwards vied for first place overall, each having accumulated 2403 points. Stewart had a whopping 5 wins this season, in Chicago, New Hampshire, Martinsville, Texas and most recently Miami – however, he has struggled, by comparisons, in a number of the other races. Despite his noticeable win total, Stewart had only 9 top 5 finishes, and 19 top 10 appearances, neither of which are stats that separate him much from the pack. Meanwhile, Carl Edwards was the a model of consistency, sporting 26 top 10 finishes, and 19 in the top 5. So, despite the fact that his only win came in Las Vegas back in March, he has been able to stay neck-and-neck with Stewart through consistently putting himself in contention. It will be interesting to see who has the edge in 2012 – if Stewart keeps winning races, he’ll be tough to beat; but, Edwards keeps putting himself in position to win, which figures to pay off at some point.

Of course, there is also plenty of intrigue in the rest of the field. Kevin Harvick, Matt Kenseth, Brad Keselowski and Jimmie Johnson all finished within a hundred points or less of the leaders at Homestead-Miami, and are thus were within striking distance with a few weeks left. Mainstay superstars Dale Earnhardt Jr. and Jeff Gordon weren’t much farther behind. And, as an interesting storyline a bit farther down the list, Kurt and Kyle Busch sit back-to-back at 11th and 12th place respectively, separated by fewer than twenty points. All in all, there is a lot to take note of for the 2011 Sprint Cup season, and 2012 should prove to be just as exciting.

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