Winning Fantasy NASCAR Strategies
Credit: Jamie Squire/Getty Images

Don’t play with your heart

If you want to be a successful fantasy NASCAR player you can’t play with your heart, unless your favorite driver is Jimmie Johnson. Playing with your heart isn’t a one way street. It goes for both drivers who you like and dislike. The best way of avoiding playing with your heart is to be neutral towards all drivers. Put your Kyle Busch pajamas away and focus on winning the championship.

Know who your competing against

Take fantasy NASCAR seriously because your competition isn’t going to lay down, especially if there’s money involved. In high stakes fantasy NASCAR approach it like you would a poker game. Stare down your competition and anticipate what their thinking. If you know what’s in their hand you can counter it.

Be Patient

In fantasy NASCAR it’s important to be patient. The season spans from February to November. Because of the season length it’s important to be patient. When it comes to making fantasy picks every week play conservatively. If your fantasy selections look like a “Hail Mary” every week the odds are stacked against you.

Prepare to win

If you’re not prepared to win you’ll lose to someone who’s done their homework. How do you prepare to win? Read posts. week to weekend content covers the full spectrum of what you need to know to win your fantasy league.

Don’t beat yourself

Don’t make stupid mistakes and beat yourself. Don’t let deadlines sneak up on you and don’t handle your team with reckless abandonment. Handle your fantasy team with care and force your competition to beat you.

When you’re leading block

If you’re in the lead in your league play it safe. Force your competition to take gambles and make mistakes. People who are behind get nervous and desperate people do desperate things.

Get out of sequence

In fantasy racing don’t be afraid to get out of sequence with your competition. Just be smart about it when you do this. When you get out of sequence, make sure you understand your competition. No one ever gets ahead by playing follow the leader.

Be flexible with your driver lineup

In fantasy NASCAR players can easily be set on Monday and be ready to for Sunday. Averages and statistics are good for giving you a good baseline as to what your team should look like but fine tuning your team is what will get you to victory lane. In Football when Peyton Manning goes up to the line of scrimmage he takes a look around and calls an audible if something doesn’t look right. In fantasy NASCAR an audible should be considered after qualifying, happy hour, or mechanical problems are discovered on a drivers car.