ifantasyrace.comBeware of the ides of March!

It’s the middle of the month and lots of things have changed at ifantasyrace.com. I like almost every change that’s been made. One change that’s flying under the radar is something that really bugs me.

Conveniently located at the bottom of every ifantasyrace.com post are social media buttons. Written right next to them are the words “Like this content? Then share it”. Before this recent theme change I really didn’t have any idea what type of response these buttons were receiving. Now that I know I’m not happy.

Much like last year there’s still a fundamental serious problem when it comes to getting people to click these social media buttons. When you go to a restaurant you tip right? Clicking these buttons is all I ask. It’s easy to do and I can confirm they work.

So far in March ifantasyrace.com has attracted nearly 16,000 unique visitors. When I look at social media clicking and realize that 99% of the clicks are from me I’m not a happy camper. I’ll assure you this site is not your little fantasy racing secret but I would like some help from you promoting it.

Also please do not click a social media buttons on this post. Click them on important posts with content that will interest others.