Tony Stewart 2012 Fantasy NASCAR
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Tony Stewart – At the beginning of his career Smoke owned the Monster Mile. In his first twelve races he had two wins and never finished lower than 11th. In the last fourteen races he’s only finished in the top ten four times and led a grand total of six laps. Last year Tony Stewart was really, really bad at Dover. Note I said bad twice because I mean it. In the spring race he finished 6 laps down and in the fall race he finished two laps down. His poor performances aren’t attributed to wrecks. There the result of having very uncompetitive cars. His teammate Ryan Newman wasn’t much better last year. He finished 21st and 23rd. (Yahoo! A Driver)

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Kurt Busch – Kurt Busch won last fall but don’t look for a repeat this weekend. His team simply isn’t on a competitive level with the field. I do think he has a solid chance for a top fifteen finish based off how he performed at Darlington. One concern I have with him is that I think he’s lost his “happy zone”. When he’s in a bad mood he drags everyone down with him. I know I wouldn’t bet on him in the FedEx 400. Dover is a track that eats up tires and at venues where tire management is crucial Busch has had a lot of problems this year. (Yahoo! B Driver)

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Jeff Burton – For the last three years Burton’s spring finish has mirrored his fall finish. In 2011 he finished 11th in both races, in 2010 he finished 2nd in both races, in 2009 he finished 16th in both races and in 2008 he spiced it up a little bit by finishing in 8th and 9th. Beyond finishing in nearly the same position every spring / fall race Jeff Burton has overall been the model of consistency at Dover. His last finish lower than 16th was back in 2004. I think Burton might have sleeper potential this week. Bristol is somewhat similar to Dover and in March he finished 6th. (Yahoo! B Driver)

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