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The cars have already logged a bunch of practice laps at Martinsville Speedway this weekend in preparation for the 500-lap event on Sunday afternoon. The good news is that instead of just looking at the one fast lap statistic that NASCAR gives you, ifantasyrace has you covered not only with ten-lap averages but also average practice speeds, which are explained below. On Friday, Jimmie Johnson won the pole for the TUMS Fast Relief 500 and the full starting lineup can be found by clicking here.

Important Practice Notes: 1st practice notes on Friday (click here). 2nd practice–first on Saturday–notes (click here). Happy Hour notes (click here).

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 Average Practice Speeds:

Average practice speeds are calculated by taking the average speed of each driver in each practice and multiplying it by the number of laps ran. When you do this for each practice and add the  totals together, and then divide by the total number of laps ran, you get an average of their practice speed, instead of just the one lap statistic you see when you look at practice sheets. I have found over the years that this is much more accurate as to whether or not someone has a car that is good for one lap or one that can consistently be fast. These numbers, however, can be skewed if a team puts new tires on frequently or rarely changes the tires. Note: The chart below includes the speeds from the 2nd and final practice sessions of the weekend. The speeds from the first practice session on Friday included qualifying runs.

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In the first practice session (Friday), the five fastest drivers were:
1. Brian Vickers – 97.679 mph
2. Dale Earnhardt, Jr. – 97.488 mph
3. Denny Hamlin – 97.478 mph
4. Jimmie Johnson – 97.478 mph
5. Kyle Busch – 97.457 mph
Click here for the complete results from this practice.

In the second practice session (first on Saturday), the quickest cars were:
1. Brian Vickers – 95.966 mph
2. Jeff Gordon – 95.898 mph
3. Juan Montoya – 95.796 mph
4. Jimmie Johnson – 95.777 mph
5. Kyle Busch – 95.728 mph
Click here for the complete results from this practice.

In terms of ten-lap average, the top five for the second practice were:
1. Brian Vickers – 95.335 mph
2. Paul Menard – 95.126 mph
3. Kyle Busch – 95.000 mph
4. Clint Bowyer – 94.986 mph
5. Jeff Gordon – 94.974 mph
Click here for the complete ten-lap average chart for the second practice.

In “Happy Hour”, the fast five were:
1. Brian Vickers – 95.874 mph
2. Dale Earnhardt, Jr. – 95.661 mph
3. Jeff Gordon – 95.661 mph
4. Kyle Busch – 95.501 mph
5. Denny Hamlin – 95.492 mph
Click here for the complete results from this practice.

When it came to ten-lap average, the best for Happy Hour were:
1. Jeff Gordon – 95.417 mph
2. Paul Menard – 95.277 mph
3. Jimmie Johnson – 95.236 mph
4. Brian Vickers – 95.191 mph
5. Ryan Newman – 95.052 mph
Click here for the complete ten-lap average chart for Happy Hour.