PROS Rankings Daytona
Photo Credit: Todd Warshaw/Getty Images for NASCAR

PROS is an acronym for Projected Ranking Of Strength. What’s projected in this post is how good the driver was the last time they raced at Daytona (summer 2012). In fantasy racing you can’t just look at their finish position and believe that’s how well they ran. Things happen in races and the PROS Rankings take unfortunate circumstances into account.

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PROS Ranking Driver Actual Finish Driver Rating Rank
1 Matt Kenseth 3rd 1st
2 Tony Stewart 1st 11th
3 Greg Biffle 21st 2nd
4 Kyle Busch 24th 6th
5 Denny Hamlin 23rd 13th
6 Dale Earnhardt Jr. 15th 7th
7 Kasey Kahne 7th 5th
8 Ryan Newman 5th 4th
9 Carl Edwards 6th 3rd
10 Kevin Harvick 25th 25th