IFRliveIt’s been a long time in the coming and if you’re a member the hints of this have been up at the top of your screen for probably at least a month in a half. Saturday at 7PM me and Jordan will be having a live advice session where you can come and ask us fantasy NASCAR questions in real-time.

This MEMBER exclusive feature is very easy to use. Just look at the picture to the left and where it says Type Your Message Here you type your question and hit enter. It’s that easy. One thing we do ask though is that if you see a question getting answered you wait patiently. This isn’t the typical live advice session you’ve typically seen online because we can’t hold back your question.

Make sure you JOIN and are a Member to take part in the fun. Also show up on time. The chat will end when the questions stop. The button below is a direct link to the Live Advice session.

New Hampshire Live Advice