NOTE: This majority of this session was dedicated to drivers preparing for qualifying.

Kyle Larson – Tested at Charlotte last week. This car is 100% EGR and is being operated by EGR personal. Practiced in race trim early. Felt good in 1 & 2. Said he looses his nose in turns 3 & 4. Using a former Jamie McMurray car that ran at Michigan earlier this year.

Jimmie Johnson – Using his Dover chassis. Parked for the first 15 minutes due to inspection issues last week. Snug after landing. Was in race trim through at least the first 50 minutes. Said his car finally got better towards the end of practice (qualifying trim statement).

Kevin Harvick – Worked on race runs early. Not happy with his left front and said it’s bouncing around. Using his Kansas chassis. Later he was tight in the center of turn 3 and he couldn’t get on the throttle how he liked in turn 4.

Juan Pablo Montoya – Practiced race runs early in the session.

Dale Earnhardt Jr. – Worked on race runs early in practice. Likes the feel of his car in race trim. Feels that his splitter is a riding a little high.

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