NOTE: This post is a recap of what happened in fall 2015 at Phoenix

Phoenix Top Ten Starters

  1. Jimmie Johnson
  2. Kurt Busch
  3. Dale Earnhardt Jr.
  4. Carl Edwards
  5. Martin Truex Jr.
  6. Kyle Larson
  7. Erik Jones
  8. Kevin Harvick
  9. Kasey Kahne
  10. Kyle Busch

Phoenix Full Starting Lineup

Phoenix Pre-race Notes

This race was rain shortened and only lasted 219 laps. Also the event was supposed be run during the day but because of weather it was run at night.

Matt Kenseth was suspended. Erik Jones drove the #20.

Phoenix Race Notes

Big Moment: Kurt Busch started on the front row and jumped to an early lead. On lap 6 NASCAR ruled that he jumped the start. He was then forced to serve a pass through penalty. It dropped him back to 43rd.

Early in the race Kasey Kahne and Jamie McMurray had contact. McMurray had a notable tire rub. It turned out to be a non-issue.

Running order on lap 12: 48,88,42,19,4,78,18,5,20,22 … 1,24,11,3,27

Running order on lap 22: 48,88,42,4,19,78,18,22,5,20 … 24,1,11,27,2,3,43,31,10,16 … 17,47,51,15,13,55,14,6,83,7 … 9,38,46,26,41

Kurt Busch’s car was very fast and worked good in traffic.

Joey Logano started in 14th and on lap 29 he was up 7 positions to 7th.

Running order at the time of the lap 40 competition caution: 48,4,88,19,42,22,18,78,5,20 … 24,11,27,2,1,3,43,10,31,16 … 17,47,15,51,13,14,83,41,55,6 … 7,9,38,26,46,34,35,40,23,32 … 33,98,62

Big Moment: During the competition caution Matt DiBenedetto had contact with Dale Earnhardt Jr. and Kasey Kahne. Kahne got damage and it dropped him back in the pack. It wasn’t televised but I’ll speculate he pitted again. Prior to contact he was running in the top ten and afterwards he was running in the high-twenties.

Big Moment: During the competition caution Jimmie Johnson was caught speeding on pit road. He had to go to the back of the pack as a penalty. Prior to the penalty he was the leader.

Running order on lap 55: 4,88,22,18,19,78,42,11,24,20 … 27,1,2,13,3,31,43,41,16,17 … 15,51,55,48,47,14,83,5,10,7 … 6,38,46,9,40,34,35,26,23,62 333 98,33,32

Running order on lap 71: 4,88,22,18,19,78,24,42,11,27 … 20,1,2,3,41,13,48,43,31,16 … 17,15,51,55,14,47,5,83,10,7 … 6,38,46,40,9,26,35,34,23,62 … 98,33,32

Running order on lap 91: 4,88,22,18,19,78,24,11,27,42 … 2,20,41,3,48,1,43,31,13,16 … 17,15,51,55,14,47,5,10,83,7 … 6

Kasey Kahne’s car was obviously damaged and he got lapped around lap 95.

Kevin Harvick’s car was stellar over long runs and was the class of the field.

Running order on lap 111: 4,88,22,18,19,78,24,27,11,2 … 41,48,42,20,3,43,1,31,13,16 … 17,15,51,55,14,47,10,5,83,7 … 6

Dale Earnhardt Jr. really liked his car. He was a little loose in the center but otherwise good.

Paul Menard was solid. He was in 8th on lap 117.

Denny Hamlin said turn 2 was his biggest issue.

Notable Moment: During pit stops around lap 124 Trevor Bayne was caught speeding on pit road. He was already running way back in the running order.

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