NOTE: This post is a recap of what happened in fall 2015 at Talladega

Talladega Top Ten Starters

  1. Jeff Gordon
  2. Kasey Kahne
  3. Jimmie Johnson
  4. Matt Kenseth
  5. Dale Earnhardt Jr.
  6. Trevor Bayne
  7. Kevin Harvick
  8. Denny Hamlin
  9. Ryan Blaney
  10. Joey Logano

Full Talladega Starting Lineup

Talladega Pre-race Notes

Martin Truex Jr. started in the back because during qualifying he went below the yellow line

Ryan Newman choose to start in the rear of the field because of driver choice

Tony Stewart started in the rear of the field for an unapproved adjustment

Danica Patrick started in the rear of the field because of a transmission change

JJ Yeley choose to start in the rear of the field because of driver choice

Timmy Hill choose to start in the rear of the field because of driver choice

Justin Allgaier started in the rear of the field for an unapproved adjustment

Michael Waltrip drove the #98

Talladega Race Notes

Jeff Gordon started on the pole and choose to start in the low line. He stuck to the bottom lane early. Gordon led the first 7 laps.

On lap #2 all the Hendrick cars were in the top 4.

Running order on lap 7: 24,88,4,48,21,20,5,2,11,6 … 22,42,27,41,1,95,83,9,43,7

On lap 8 Dale Earnhardt Jr. took the lead. Over the next 11 laps the lead was traded between him, Denny Hamlin and Jeff Gordon.

On lap 19 Dale Earnhardt Jr. firmly established himself as the leader. He then led the next 19 laps.

Notable drivers who choose to run near the back early: Stewart, Bowyer, Newman, Truex, Patrick, Edwards, Dillon and Allmendinger

Running order on lap 24: 88,24,48,5,22,11,6,20,42,95 … 1,41,43,4,17,27,18,83,16,7 … 21,98,2,9,40,51,38,34,55,35 … 47,3,13,32,19,33,31,78,10,15 … 14,26,62

On lap 33 the Hendrick cars were running 1,2,3,4

Running order on lap 33: 88,24,48,5,22,1,11,42,20,41 … 6,2,4,18,21,40,27,98,43,34

The first pit cycle started around lap 39

Notable Moment: During pit stops around lap 39 Austin Dillon’s team had an uncontrolled tire and his team had to serve a pass through penalty.

Notable Moment: Aric Almirola got a pit penalty during the first round of stops.

Notable Moment: Martin Truex Jr. had a slow first pit stop and lost the draft.

Running order on lap 43: 48,5,1,88,22,16,11,42,24,20 … 4,18,6,41,95,9,2,51,27,21 … 17,51,35,19,32,15,55,47,31,13 … 98,40,83,10,14,7,33,78,43,34 … 3,26,62

On lap 55 Aric Almirola got lapped.

Running order on lap 56: 48,5,88,42,24,18,95,21,38,35 … 11,4,22,17,27,41,1,9,16,20 … 2,32,55,6,19,31,47,15,13,98 … 51,10,14,7,83,40,78,33,3,43 … 34,26,62

On lap 67 Martin Truex Jr. was just seconds of going down a lap.

Running order on lap 67: 88,48,5,24,6,2,22,27,98,18,11 … 38,41,1,21,42,20,55,51,9,22 … 17,95,16,15,31,47,51,4,32,10 … 19,14,13,7,78,33,40,43,3,34 … 83,26,62

On lap 68 Martin Truex Jr. was lapped.

During the pit cycle around lap 81 Michael McDowell got a speeding penalty. He was running around the top five when he had that issue.

Big Moment: On lap 84 Denny Hamlin started to have roof hatch problems. Shortly afterwards it led to him pitting under green to fix the issue.

Big Moment: On lap 84 Ryan Blaney lost an engine. It marked the end of his day.

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