Dale Earnhardt JR. Fantasy NASCAR
Credit: John Harrelson/Getty Images

There’s three elements to scoring in fantasy NASCAR at DraftKings. I refer to them as “Dominator”, “Mover” and “Good Finish.” Dominator points come from leading laps and having fastest laps. Mover points come from drivers who are able to advance in the running order. Good Finish is pretty self-explanatory and it essentially sets a drivers baseline fantasy score.

Let’s talk about Dale Earnhardt Jr.’s fantasy values. His overall fantasy value is high.

His Dominator fantasy value is high. He plans to control the race and run up front all race long. When he says that I believe him. Last year he led +60 laps in both races. Leading laps is really the only way to get dominator points at Talladega because fastset laps will be spread throughout the field at a pretty low rate.

His Mover fantasy value is low. When you start third its pretty hard to accumulate mover points.

His Good Finish value is high. I expect him to finish very well on Sunday.

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