Kevin Harvick Fantasy NASCAR
Credit: Sean Gardner/NASCAR via Getty Images

The NASCAR season is now a third of the way complete. NASCAR lessons have been learned and here’s fantasy observations on Stewart-Haas Racing which Kevin Harvick, Kurt Busch, Tony Stewart and Danica Patrick drive for.

Kevin Harvick – Kevin Harvick is now a committed man to Stewart-Haas Racing for a long time after signing a contract extension during All-Star week. That should help take away distractions. On the track the #4 car is as fast as ever. Their capable of winning on any given Sunday but they’ve proven themselves terrible at closing the deal. I know it sounds crazy, but the #4 team might be the most un-clutch team in NASCAR. He should have about 4 wins this season and yet he only has one. Last year he could’ve probably won a double digit amount of races but yet they failed to reach victory lane time after time even though they had the best car. They need to figure that out. One word of warning on Harvick is that if you hear that the #4 team is experimenting temper your expectations. Two races where I know for a fact they’ve done experimenting are Texas and Dover. At Texas he was the favorite heading into the event but because they tried some different setup things he finished 10th. At Dover they did some experimenting with their air guns and look how well that turned out!

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