Trevor Bayne 2015 Fantasy NASCAR RacingTrevor Bayne – Trevor Bayne has been an OK performer at intermediate tracks this year. Performance wise he’s typically looked about 15th to 20th place good. That’s not great, but it’s a lot better than how he ran last year. At Kansas he had teens potential early but his race wasn’t incident free and as a result he finished 25th. Auto Club is a two-mile oval like MIS and at that venue earlier this year he finished 20th. At Michigan Bayne is typically about 20th place good. In 7 of his 10 races he’s finished within a deviation of 5 from 20th. Last fall Bayne finished 22nd and had a 24th place average running position. Last spring his 9th place finish is fools gold. He was by no means that good. Performance wise he was probably about 20th place good at best. In the race his average running position was 22nd and his driver rating was the 21st best. His finish is the product of pit strategy and then rain arriving at a favorable time. In August 2014 he was caught up in an early “Big One” and finished 41st as a result. At the time of that wreck he was running in 20th. In the two MIS races prior to that he finished 19th and 21st. (Yahoo B Driver)

Danica Patrick – Danica Patrick has some dark horse fantasy value at Michigan. It’s been one of her better tracks and in 4 of her 6 starts she’s finished in the teens. Last August she had her worst ever Michigan result and finished 25th. Since the high-down force package was used in that race you can largely overlook it. In the three MIS races prior to that she had results of 16th, 17th and 18th. Her overall Michigan average finish is 18.7. This year at intermediate tracks Danica Patrick has typically been low-twenties good. (Yahoo B Driver)

Tony Stewart – Tony Stewart is a wild card option at Michigan. Because of his recent track record things could go either way. One positive aspect Tony Stewart has going for him is his solid showing at Kansas. I view that as a mini-Michigan and at that venue he finished 12th and led 12 laps. Last year Tony Stewart had a rough season at Michigan. Last August he didn’t run well. He started in 5th but finished 21st. Last June he had a 22nd place average running position, earned the 26th best driver rating and finished 28th. He showed mid-teens potential in the first half of the race but in the second half he dropped back in the running order. Performance wise he was probably about 20th place good. In the 8 Michigan races prior to the event minus a 2012 engine failure he had a 6.4 average finish. In his two MIS races prior to spring 2014 he had results of 5th and 11th. (Yahoo B Driver)

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