Joey Logano 2016 Fantasy NASCAR Racing
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Joey Logano –  Joey Logano is a good fantasy NASCAR pick to win at Bristol. He has back to back wins in the Bristol “Night Race” and has recently ranked as one of the best. Since August 2014 minus spring 2015 when he was taken out in an early wreck he has a 4.0 average finish. This spring at Bristol he had a great car and finished 10th. That’s a remarkable result when you take into account a speeding penalty, a lug nut issue and a battery issue. His lug nut issue happened on lap 109 which caused him to pit under green dropping him a few laps down. Prior to that problem he was running in 6th. That made for a long afternoon but he battled back. Towards the end of the race he had another problem. With about 35 laps to go he couldn’t get up to speed during a restart while he was in 5th which dropped him back to 17th. Last August he had a great car and out raced a very fast #4 at the end. In the race Logano earned the best driver rating, had a 3rd place average running position and led 176 laps. In spring 2015 who knows how good he was because he was taken out in an early wreck in the first 20 laps. In August 2014 he had an impressive performance. He reeled in Matt Kenseth for the lead late and then held off Keselowski for the win. In addition to finishing first he also earned the best driver rating, had a 4th place average running position and led 76 laps. (Yahoo A Driver)

Matt Kenseth – Matt Kenseth is an elite performer at Bristol. He’s won here four times, has finished in the top five 39% percent of the time and in the top ten 61% percent of the time. From a talent perspective Kenseth is arguably the best driver at Thunder Valley. Since 2013 he has the 2nd best driver rating, led the most laps (650) and a very misleading 18.7 average finish. This spring he had a great car but didn’t get a chance to battle for the win at the end unfortunately because his race wasn’t incident free. He had a couple blown tires. His first problem was on lap 187 when he was leading. He rallied back but on lap 323 while he was running in the top ten again he had another flat. That time he had to go to the garage for repairs. Before his first problem on lap 187 he managed to lead 142 laps. Last August he had a fast car. He started in 13th and drove up towards the front quickly. His race unfortunately wasn’t incident free. On lap 111 while he was racing in 4th his engine blew up. That problem led to his 42nd place finish. In spring 2015 he had a strong showing and raced his way to victory lane. He started first, earned the best driver rating, had a 3rd place average running position and led 47 laps. In August 2014 Kenseth was fast. He finished 3rd, earned the 5th best driver rating, had a 7th place average running position and led 62 laps. One notable strength of his performance was that he was good on old tires. In spring 2014 he had a great car and his 13th place finish underrates him in my opinion (accident and others pit strategies). He earned the best driver rating and led 165 laps. In August 2013 Kenseth went to victory lane and led 149 laps. In spring 2013 he led 85 laps but was wrecked while running in 2nd when Jeff Gordon had a flat tire. (Yahoo A Driver)

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