NOTE: This post is a recap of what happened in July at New Hampshire

New Hampshire Top Ten Starters

  1. Jimmie Johnson
  2. Kyle Busch
  3. Martin Truex Jr.
  4. Kurt Busch
  5. Denny Hamlin
  6. Joey Logano
  7. Chase Elliott
  8. Kevin Harvick
  9. Brad Keselowski
  10. AJ Allmendinger

New Hampshire Full Starting Lineup

New Hampshire Pre-race Notes

Alex Bowman drove the #88

New Hampshire Race Notes

Jimmie Johnson started on the pole and selected the outside lane. He led the opening lap before getting passed by Kyle Busch on lap 2. Jimmie Johnson brought a new chassis that used new concepts.

On lap 2 Kyle Busch passed Jimmie Johnson for the lead coming off turn 4 running the low line. Kyle Busch then led the next 35 laps until the competition caution.

Running order on lap 10: 18,48,41,78,11,4,22,24,47,2 … 5,21,14,19,20,42,83,1,88,17 … 27,43,3,23,31,13,16,95,38,15 … 10,6,34,7,44,55,32,46,98,30

Chase Elliott really liked his car in the corners.

Running order on lap 22: 18,48,78,41,4,11,22,2,24,5 … 19,14,47,20,21,42,88,1,17,27 … 3,43,31,16,83,23,13,38,10,15 … 95,6,34,44,7,55,32,46,98,30

On lap 32 Martin Truex Jr. passed Jimmie Johnson for 2nd.

Running order on lap 33: 18,78,48,4,11,41,2,22,5,24 … 19,14,20,47,21,88,42,1,17,3 … 43,27,31,16,83,23,38,10,15,13 … 95,6,34,44,7,55,32,46,98,30

On lap 35 the competition caution came out. During the competition caution Martin Truex Jr. led a lap.

Following the competition caution when the race went back to green Kyle Busch led the next 51 laps.

During the competition caution Kevin Harvick had a slow pit stop that dropped him from 4th to about 11th. Some of those positions were lost by other drivers doing two tire pit stops.

During the competition caution Brian Scott had to serve a pass through penalty.

Running order on lap 46: 18,78,11,19,22,41,2,14,24,20 … 48,4,42,1,5,88,17,21,27,3 … 47,16,43,10,23,31,83,38,15,13 … 6,95,34,7,32,55,46,95,30,44

Running order on lap 58: 18,78,11,19,41,2,20,22,4,24 … 48,1,5,42,14,17,3,88,21,27 … 43,16,47,10,31,23,15,83,13,38 … 6,34,95,7,32,46,55,98,30,44

Notable Moment: On lap 62 while running in 34th Michael McDowell slowed on the track because of engine / electrical issues. He then took his car to the garage area.

Alex Bowman who drove the #88 felt comfortable with his car. He was in 20th on lap 64.

Matt Kenseth’s car looked very strong. His car rotated very well in the corners. He was moving his way up through the field at a steady pace.

Running order on lap 77: 18,78,11,19,20,2,4,41,24,48 … 22,1,5,3,42,21,43,14,17,16 … 88,47,31,27,10,23,15,6,34,83 … 38,13,7,32,55,46,98,30,95,44

On lap 81 Martin Truex Jr. really closed in on Kyle Busch for the lead. Truex Jr. used Carl Edwards setup.

Carl Edwards really liked his balance and how his car ran. He was in 4th on lap 85.

On lap 89 Martin Truex Jr. passed Kyle Busch for the lead. He then led the next 83 laps.

Running order on lap 89: 78,18,11,20,4,2,19,24,41,48 … 1,22,5,3,43

Running order on lap 97: 78,11,18,20,4,2,19,24,41,48 … 1,5,3,43,22,21,14,42,17,16 … 88,31,47,23,27,10,15,6,34,83 … 38,13,7,32,55,46,98,30,44,95

Notable Moment: On lap 100 Chris Buescher spun and brought out the caution. He didn’t hit anything. He was running in 29th at the time of the incident. He was just about to be lapped. Since he did spin he got lapped.

Race off pit road following the Buescher spin: 78,18,2,41,48,24,19,11,1,20

During the Buescher caution Harvick dropped from 5th to 11th.

Running order on lap 116: 78,41,18,24,2,48,19,20,11,1 … 4,5,21,43,22,3,88,14,17,42 … 16,31,47,27,23,10,15,6,83,34 … 38,13,7,46,32,55,98,44,30,95

Jamie McMurray had a good car. He was in 11th on lap 121.

On lap 123 Martin Truex Jr. had a 3 second lead.

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