Paul Menard Fantasy NASCAR
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Paul Menard – Outside of last falls race where Paul Menard crumbled like a cookie under Chase pressure he’s done a good job finishing well at Dover. Since 2014 minus last fall’s stinker of a performance he has an 11.3 average finish and a 15.8 average running position. This spring he didn’t have a great car but he dodged the carnage and came home with an 11th place finish. Performance wise if attrition didn’t enter the equation he was likely about 20th place good. His average running position this spring was 21st. Last fall while he was in the Chase his performance was atrocious. He didn’t perform near any level that suggested he should be competing for a championship. I mean he was really uncompetitive. When the race reached its conclusion he finished three laps down in 25th. Nothing notable happened to him in the race, he was just that bad.  In June 2015 he had a quality performance. He earned the 7th best driver rating, finished 8th and had an 11th place average running position. Only once has he finished better here (2007, 7th). In fall 2014 he started in 19th, had a 21st place average running position and finished one lap down in 16th. In June 2014 he had one of his best Dover performances and came home with a 10th place result, 10th place average running position and the 12th best driver rating. (Yahoo B Driver)

Ricky Stenhouse Jr. – Dover hasn’t been that bad of a track for Ricky Stenhouse Jr. In his career at the Monster Mile minus the two races he crashed he has a 13.8 average finish and a 17.7 average running position. Also in all of his major incident free races he’s finished in the top 19. This spring at Dover he didn’t have a great car and his 14th place result was aided by attrition. Performance wise he was really about low twenties good. His average running position of 20th better reflects his level of performance. Last fall he had his best Dover race, he started in 27th and slowly worked his way up through the running order. When the race reached its conclusion he finished 8th and had a 15th place average running position. In spring 2015 he really struggled over long runs and his race wasn’t incident free. On lap 163 while he was running around 30th he got into the wall hard which led to his 37th place finish. In four of his five Dover races prior to that he finished between 12th and 19th. On Sunday look for him to contend for a teens finish. (Yahoo B Driver)

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