NOTE: This post is a recap of what happened in June 2016 at Dover

Dover Top Ten Starters

  1. Kevin Harvick
  2. Dale Earnhardt Jr.
  3. Kyle Busch
  4. Carl Edwards
  5. Ricky Stenhouse Jr.
  6. Denny Hamlin
  7. Martin Truex Jr.
  8. Ryan Newman
  9. Kurt Busch
  10. Matt Kenseth

Dover Full Starting Lineup

Dover Race Notes

Kyle Busch’s crew chief was suspended for this race.

Kevin Harvick who started on the pole selected the top line. He jumped to an early lead and led the opening 42 laps. 7 laps into the race he had over a second lead.

Running order on lap 13: 4,19,88,11,78,18,41,31,20,17 … 5,2,3,16,24,21,22,43,1,48 … 13,42,14,27,47,6,15,23,44,95 … 83,10,7,34,46,38,98,32,55,30

Kyle Busch started in 3rd and by lap 25 he was back to 8th. His car was tight and he didn’t have the front grip he needed.

On lap 26 Danica Patrick got lapped. She was in 32nd at the time.

Running order on lap 30: 4,19,88,11,78,41,31,18,20,17 … 2,3,16,24,22,48,5,43,21,1 … 13,14,42,27,47,6,15,44,83,23 … 95,10,34,7,46,38,98,32,55,30

Tony Stewart started in 34th and on lap 38 he was battling for 21st.

On lap 40 the competition caution came out. During the competition caution Edwards won the race off pit road.

During the ensuing restart following the competition caution Harvick retook the lead and led the next 74 laps.

Running order on lap 49: 4,19,20,11,41,78,88,2,18,31 … 24,3,22,16,5,48,43,1,21,17 … 42,13,14,47,6,27,15,44,83,7 … 23,10,95,34,38,46,98,32,55,30

Running order on lap 69: 1,19,20,41,78,11,88,2,18,31 … 24,22,48,3,16,1,5,21,14,43 … 17,42,47

Running order on lap 88: 4,19,20,41,78,2,18,88,11,31 … 22,24,48,3,16,5,1,21,14,43 … 17,47,27,42,13,6,15,44,83,10 … 34,95,38,46,23,7,98,32,55,30

Running order on lap 107: 4,19,20,41,78,2,18,88,22,31 … 48,11,24,3,16,5,1,43,21,14 … 17,47,27,42,13,6,15,44,83,10 … 34,95,38,46,23,7,32,55,98,30

Kevin Harvick, Jimmie Johnson and Joey Logano all had very fast cars over long runs.

Notable Moment: On lap 119 Matt DiBendetto wrecked and brought out the caution. During this caution Denny Hamlin was on pit road. It was very bad timing for him. It dropped him from about 12th, to one lap down in 28th.

During the Matt DiBenedetto caution Kyle Larson got the free pass and got back on the lead lap.

Running order on lap 127: 19,20,4,2,41,78,22,48,88,18 … 31,16,1,3,5,21,24,27,47,43 … 14,17,13,42,6,44,15,11,10,34 … 95,46,38,23,7,32,55,83,98,30

Notable Moment: On lap 130 Aric Almirola had a smoking tire from contact with Tony Stewart. The next lap he came down pit road under green. Prior to his unplanned pit stop he was running around 19th. It dropped him to 28th, two laps down.

Notable Moment: On lap 144 Regan Smith got into the wall hard and took his car to the garage area.

During the Regan Smith caution Martin Truex Jr. elected not to pit and got the lead. He then led the next 30 laps.

Running order on lap 160: 78,19,4,20,41,2,88,48,18,21 … 22,3,42,31,1,24,16,14,47,27 … 5,13,17,6,11,15,44,43,10,34 … 95,23,38,46,32,55,7,98,83,30

Jeff Gordon was very impressed by how the Jimmie Johnson’s car looked in the turns. It hugged the bottom of the track. On lap 164 he was up to 7th. He probably had the fastest car on the track at the time.

Notable Moment: On lap 173 a caution came out for debris. Denny Hamlin got back on the lead lap at this time. During this caution through pit strategy and a slow stop Harvick dropped from 3rd to 12th.

Big Moment: On lap 183 Austin Dillon had a parts failure and got into the wall hard. He then took his car to the garage area. Clint Bowyer got the free pass during this caution. Prior to the caution Dillon ran in the top twenty all race long.

Running order on lap 185 under caution: 42,16,78,22,19,1,2,20,48,88 … 4,41,21,18,24,14,13,47,27,5 … 17,6,3,31,11,15,44,43,10,95

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