NOTE: This post is a recap of what happened in spring 2016 at Texas

Texas Top Ten Starters

  1. Carl Edwards
  2. Joey Logano
  3. Martin Truex Jr.
  4. Chase Elliott (Started in the rear of the field)
  5. Ricky Stenhouse Jr.
  6. Denny Hamlin
  7. Ryan Blaney
  8. Brad Keselowski
  9. Matt Kenseth
  10. Austin Dillon

Full Starting Lineup

Texas Pre-race Notes

Chase Elliott started in the rear of the field.

Brian Vickers drove the #14.

Ty Dillon drove the #95.

Texas Race Chart Tool

Texas Spring 2016 Loop Data Box Score

Texas Spring 2016 Loop Data Speed Stats

Texas Race Notes

The first 5 laps were run under yellow.

Carl Edwards who won the pole selected the low-line. He led 57 of the first 58 laps. The one lap he didn’t lead was during the competition caution.

On lap 14 Martin Truex Jr. had debris on his grill while running in 2nd. He then drop backed to third behind Logano trying to clear his grill.

Running order on lap 21: 19,22,78,11,17,20,48,14,21,18 … 2,5,6,4,88,3,31,16,41,1 … 42,47,10,24,27,44,13,7,15,38 … 43,95,23,83,34,46,98,32,30,55

Jimmie Johnson had a very strong car early. On lap 25 he passed two cars at the same time and was running in 4th. Johnson had one of the fastest cars on the track.

Notable Moment: During the competition caution on pit road Johnson ran into the back of Kyle Busch and got a little damage to his nose. His stop was slow and he left pit road in 11th. Prior to the pit stop he was running in 4th. The damage had an impact on his level of competitiveness.

Running order on lap 40: 19,78,20,22,4,14,2,88,17,48 … 18,11,41,5,42,21

Running order on lap 48: 19,78,20,4,22,88,14,2,48,17 … 18,11,41,5,1,42,21,31,16,24 … 6,10,3,47,13,7,95,27,15,43 … 44,23,38,34,98,46,83,32,55,30

On lap 54 Truex Jr. closed in on Carl Edwards for the lead.

On lap 59 Martin Truex Jr. took the lead. He then led 77 of the next 79 laps (the laps he didn’t lead were during a pit cycle).

While running in 3rd on lap 65 Matt Kenseth really liked his car.

Running order on lap 77 after the completion of a green flag pit cycle: 78,88,19,4,20,17,18,22,48,11 … 2,41,14,1,24,42,21,3,16,5 … 10,31,47,6,13,27,43,7,95,15 … 23,44,98,38,46,34,83,32,55,30

On lap 86 only 25 cars were on the lead lap.

Running order on lap 93: 78,19,88,20,4,18,17,48,22,11 … 2,41,24,14,1,3,42,16,5,6 (everybody else was off the lead lap at the time)

On lap 108 Ryan Blaney pitted under green and started the green flag pit cycle.

Running order on lap 109: 78,88,19,20,4,18,17,48,24,11 … 22,2,41,3,1,14,16,6,5,42 … 31,27,10,47,13,43,7,95,21,15 … 38,44,98,34,46,83,23,32,30,55

On lap 112 Brian Vickers spun coming to pit road. He also got a commitment cone violation. He was running around the mid-teens at the time.

Running order on lap 123: 78,20,19,88,4,48,18,17,11,24 … 2,22,41,1,3,6 (first driver off the lead lap),42,16,5,21 … 10,27,31,13,47,43,95,7,15,38 … 44,14,46,98,34,83,23,32,55,30

Notable Moment: On lap 127 while running around 22nd Paul Menard was black flagged for unapproved adjustments. His crew did something to his side skirt and NASCAR didn’t like it. This dropped him back to about 30th.

Notable Moment: On lap 129 Brad Keselowski made an unexpected pit stop for a loose wheel. He was running in 11th at the time. It dropped him two laps down to 27th.

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