Homestead Top Ten Starters

  1. Denny Hamlin
  2. Joey Logano
  3. Kyle Busch
  4. Ryan Newman
  5. Jeff Gordon
  6. Ryan Blaney
  7. Carl Edwards
  8. Brad Keselowski
  9. Dale Earnhardt Jr.
  10. Austin Dillon

Homestead Full Starting Lineup

Homestead Pre-race Notes

New tires are extremely important at Homestead.

Ty Dilllon drove the #33.

Landon Cassill drove the #40.

The pit window was 55 to 57 laps.

Homestead 2015 Loop Data Box Score

Homestead 2015 Loop Data Speed Stats

Homestead Race Notes

Denny Hamlin who won the pole selected the high-line.

On lap #1, Joey Logano who started in second took the lead. He led the opening 19 laps. His car was really fast running the high-line. He was happy with the way his car drove.

Top 5 on lap 10: 22,11,18,24,31

Notable Moment: On lap 14 the first caution came out. It was because of fluid coming from the #11. Denny Hamlin was running in 2nd at the time. It was supposedly gear oil. Denny Hamlin then took his car to the garage which dropped him 3 laps down.

During the first caution Brad Keselowski was penalized for having too many men over the wall.

On lap 20 Kyle Busch who was on fresh tires passed Joey Logano who was on older tires for the lead.

Running order on lap 27: 18,19,4,24,48,78,88,1,20,6 … 22,47,27,3,10,5,16,42,40,2 … 43,55,7,31,38,14,95,17,21,13 … 51,33,83,46,35,34,26,98,15,41 … 32,9,11

On lap 30 the competition caution came out.

During a restart on lap 36 Jeff Gordon drove from 3rd up to the lead. He then led the next 9 laps.

Notable Moment: On lap 40 Kasey Kahne who was running around the mid-teens had a flat tire and got into the wall bringing out a caution.

On lap 45 during a restart Kevin Harvick passed Jeff Gordon for the lead. He then led the next 46 laps.

Big Moment: On lap 46 Dale Earnhardt Jr., Aric Almirola, Casey Mears, Clint Bowyer and Ricky Stenhouse Jr. wrecked. Ricky Stenhouse Jr. was able to keep on racing but it essentially marked the end of the race for everyone else. During this caution Denny Hamlin got back on the lead lap.

Notable Moment: On lap 55 NASCAR called Jimmie Johnson to pit road for a drive thru penalty. He remained on the lead lap, but just barely. His team made a body modification that NASCAR didn’t like.

Running order on lap 57: 4,18,22,78,19,2,20,1,41,24 … 47,42,31,10,21,27,3,6,16,95 …. 33,7,38,51,11,46,34,17,40,35 … 35,55,98,9,83,26,32,48,5,88 … 43,15,13

On lap 64 Ryan Preece had a flat tire and made an unexpected pit stop.

Running order on lap 74: 4,18,22,19,2,20,41,42,78,31 … 24,21,1,3,11,47,6,16,17,10 … 33,27,51,55,38,14,7,40,46,95 … 9,26,48,34,35,32,83,5,98,88 … 43,15,13

Running order on lap 89: 4,22,18,19,42,20,2,41,78,31 … 11,24,3,21,1,16,47,6,17,10 … 33,51,27,48,14

During green flag pit stops during the lap 90’s Harvick had a slow stop that dropped him from 1st to 3rd. He got to pit road slow.

Running order on lap 104: 22,18,4,19,42,2,20,41,78,31 … 11,21,24,3,1,6,47,16,17,48 … 55,10,33,27,51,14,38,7,95,40 … 5,46,9,35,26,32,34,83,98,88 … 43,15,13

Joey Logano’s team set his car up to be as versatile as possible. On lap 116 he was the leader.

Kyle Larson really liked his car. He was in 5th on lap 118.

Denny Hamlin was in 10th on lap 120. He had a fast and balanced car.

On lap 124 Jimmie Johnson was the last car on the lead lap. He was penalized earlier in the race.

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