Dale Earnhardt JR. Fantasy NASCAR
Credit: John Harrelson/Getty Images

Dale Earnhardt Jr. – Said he needed a lot more front grip following his opening 4 lap run. Was the first driver to run near the top of the track. Following a run 40 minutes into the session he reported, “It helped the entry a little bit but it also tightened up the exit an equal amount.”

Kevin Harvick – Drove his Atlanta low-line. He’s used that to great success in recent seasons. Said his car was incredibly hard to drive.

Kurt Busch – Said his front end was too stiff and rigid. His car was better in the second set of turns. He ran towards the top of the track and was fast. With 30 minutes left he was in qualifying trim and said, “Loose everywhere.”

Kyle Larson – Made a 15 lap run. Said he fired off slow, was a little slow late but was good in the middle of the run.

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