Las Vegas Top Ten Starters

  1. Kurt Busch
  2. Joey Logano
  3. Matt Kenseth
  4. Brad Keselowski
  5. Austin Dillon
  6. Kevin Harvick
  7. Aric Almirola
  8. Kasey Kahne
  9. Denny Hamlin
  10. Martin Truex Jr.

Full Las Vegas Starting Lineup

Las Vegas Pre-race Notes

Jamie McMurray started in the rear of the field in a backup car.

Carl Edwards started in the rear of the field in a backup car.

Paul Menard started in the rear of the field for an alternator change.

Brian Vickers drove the #14.

Martin Truex Jr.’s crew chief was suspended.

Kevin Harvick was battling the flu before the race.

Fun Fact: The leader of lap #1 has never won at Las Vegas.

Las Vegas Race Notes

Kurt Busch who won the pole selected the low line. He led the opening 31 laps.

The biggest movers on lap ten were Jamie McMurray who was up 7 spots and Carl Edwards who was up 5. Both of them started in the rear of the field.

Running order on lap 16: 41,22,20,2,3,4,48,78,5,24 … 11,17,21,88,47,43,18,13,27,14 … 31,42,16,6,10,34,95,19,38,83 … 1,44,7,15,23,46,32,30,98

Joey Logano was happy with his long run speed. His short run speed wasn’t too his liking. He was closing in on Kurt Busch for the lead on lap 28.

Running order at the time of the lap 30 competition caution: 41,22,20,2,48,3,4,78,24,5 … 11,21,17,88,18,43,47,13,27,14 … 31,16,6,42,10,19,34,95,1,38 … 44,15,83,7,46,23,32,98,30

Notable Moment: During the competition caution, lead Kurt Busch was caught speeding on pit road. That sent him to the back of the pack.

Following the competition caution Denny Hamlin used pit strategy and got the lead (Was in 11th prior to his strategy gamble. Took two tires). He then led the next 10 laps.

Jimmie Johnson had a very strong car. On lap 42 he passed Brad Keselowski for 4th.

On lap 44 Joey Logano passed Denny Hamlin for the lead. He then led the next 39 laps.

Running order on lap 57: 22,20,2,48,78,24,3,21,4,5 … 88,18,11,31,17,27,47,19,43,14 … 42,6,13,41,1

Running order on lap 67: 22,2,48,20,78,24,3,21,4,5 … 88,18,31,17,27,11,19,47,43,14 … 13,41,42,6,34,1,16,10,95,15 … 44,7,38,46,83,23,32,30,98

Around lap 75, Matt Kenseth who was running around the top five short pitted because he had a vibration. It was a few laps before the normal pit cycle so it didn’t hurt him too much.

Notable Moment: During green flag pit stops around lap 85 AJ Allmendinger was caught speeding on pit road. He was running around the high-teens at the time.

Following the second round of pit stops Brad Keselowski got the lead.

During the second round of pit stops under yellow Austin Dillon came in 8th but had a slow pit stop that dropped him back to 20th.

Running order on lap 93: 2,22,48,20,4,24,78,3,21,88 … 5,18,31,17,27,19,41,14,11,42 … 16,6,13,43,1,10,15,44,95,7 … 83,38,47,46,34,23,32,30,98

Notable Moment: During pit stops under yellow around lap 100 Martin Truex Jr. pitted a second time which dropped him from the top ten to 21st.

Running order on lap 120: 48,22,4,20,18,2,24,19,88,21 … 41,42,17,31,5,27,11,3,14,78 … 16,6,43,1,13,10,15,47,95,7 … 46,38,83,44,34,23,32,30,98

Notable Moment: On lap 145 Aric Almirola pitted under green. The prior lap he missed his pit stall when he attempted to pit. Earlier in the race he took the wave around and choose not to pit. This was a few laps before the normal pit cycle.

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