Kasey Kahne Fantasy NASCAR
Credit: Jared C. Tilton/Getty Images

Kasey Kahne – Started with a 4 lap run in race trim. Later he made a little longer run in race trim. Appears to have good speed. Felt good about his car in race trim. Following his second run in race trim his team went to qualifying trim. Jumped to 2nd temporarily on the speed chart following his first run in qualifying trim.

Chase Elliott – Tested here during the off-season. Started in race trim and his car had good speed. Happy with his baseline setup that he used from the test. About 40 minutes into the session his team made the switch to qualifying trim. During his first run in qualifying trim he reported that “balance is a little free overall.”  In an interview he said he felt his team improved over the bumps.

Kurt Busch – Started with a few runs in race trim to shake down their race setup. 40 minutes into practice he said, “That was a pretty good change to help balance the car out.” Shortly after that comment his team went to qualifying trim.

Dale Earnhardt Jr. – Started in race trim and ran 4 laps to get a good feeling for how their car performs in that setup. Said his car was loose and rigid but was improving. During a run in race trim 30 minutes into the session he said, “Tight both centers, even on the first lap, getting worse.” In an interview following practice he said his team made a lot of progress in the session. Said he made gains in both race trim and qualifying trim.

Martin Truex Jr. – Was in race trim exclusively this session. Said his car has been on rails and has been good. Using a brand new chassis. Very fast.

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