Credit: Photo by Jeff Zelevansky/NASCAR via Getty Images

Ricky Stenhouse Jr. – Got into the wall late and damaged his car. Will be going to a backup car. His car wasn’t good before wrecking. He was said to have been wrecking loose.

Kasey Kahne – Thinks the new rules package seems to suit him. Has made minimal changes this weekend. Focused on getting better in turn 1. His car is good and has great speed. Started with a long run of at least +12 laps. 30 minutes into practice he said,  “Seemed a little bit better.” He was 7th on the speed chart at that time. Ran a lot of laps to get a good feel for his car. At the end he said, “Good job guys. Good practice.”

Brad Keselowski – Happy with his car in race trim. Looking for a little more grip that will lead to more speed.

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Martin Truex Jr. – His car was fast and he looked very good in the corners at the start of practice. 35 minutes into practice he said, “Loose everywhere.” Thinks he’s in the ball park but he hasn’t unlocked the key yet. Said he found short run speed this session, looking for long run speed.

Chase Elliott – His car looked very competitive again. Had great speed. Started with a long run of at least 18 laps.

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