NOTE: This post is a recap of what happened last summer at Bristol

Bristol Top Ten Starters

  1. Carl Edwards
  2. Denny Hamlin
  3. Kyle Busch
  4. Ryan Blaney
  5. Matt Kenseth
  6. Chase Elliott
  7. Martin Truex Jr.
  8. AJ Allmendinger
  9. Brad Keselowski
  10. Joey Logano

Full Bristol Starting Lineup

NOTE: Jeff Gordon drove the #88

Bristol Race Notes

VERY IMPORTANT NOTE: The race started on Saturday night (rain), but continued on Sunday. 48 laps were completed on Saturday. For fantasy purposes this preview is going to begin with what happened on Sunday.

Running order on lap 49 under yellow: 18,24,21,11,20,78,19,88,22,42 … 47,2,3,5,31,4,41,27,34,1 … 43,83,6,95,17,38,23,10,44,48 … 14,16,13,46,15,7,98,30,55,32

During the restart for the race on Sunday Kyle Busch choose to restart in the high-line. He quickly pulled away to a healthy lead.

Martin Truex Jr. had a strong car. On lap 70 he moved up to third by passing Larson and Hamlin running the high-line.

Denny Hamlin’s car only appeared to be good over short runs.

On lap 75 Ryan Blaney was running in 2nd. Many people in the garage thought he was a good dark horse.

Running order on lap 77: 18,21,78,42,24,11,88,20,2,5 … 19,4,22,27,31,47,41,3,95,34 … 1,43,17,83,14,6,48,44,38,13 … 15,46,16,23,10,7,55,98,30,32

On lap 85 the competition caution came out.

  • During the competition caution Greg Biffle and Brian Scott choose not to pit.
  • During the competition caution Ryan Newman used pit strategy which got him from the mid-teens up to 4th.
  • During the competition caution Ryan Blaney had a slow stop that dropped him from 2nd to 11th.
  • During the competition caution Kyle Larson (3rd) and Ricky Stenhouse Jr. were caught speeding on pit road.

Running order on lap 100: 31,18,88,11,19,78,24,44,2,20 … 21,4,41,16,5,48,3,47,27,22 … 34,14,95,6,1,38,83,17,42,46 … 13,43,15,23,10,7,55,98,30,32

Running order on lap 126: 18,88,19,78,24,11,2,20,21,31 … 41,4,5,47,27,44,34,16,42,3 … 22,1,6,95,48,38,17,43,83,14 … 23,46,13,15,10,7,55,98,32,30

Running order on lap 155: 18,19,78,88,24,41,21,4,2,11 … 47,20,31,27,42,5,34,16,1,3 … 48,44,22,6,95

Notable Moment: On lap 157 Regan Smith got into the wall. This caution was a big break for Joey Logano because he was about to get lapped.

On lap 168 Jeff Gordon (#88) slapped the wall, he got debris on his tires and lost a lot of positions.

Running order on lap 180: 19,18,11,4,41,78,21,24,2,31 … 20,47,1,27,42,88,5,48,6,34 … 3,22,16,95,44,23,83,13,43,14 … 17,15,38,46,10,7,55,32,98,30

Kevin Harvick’s car was very fast over long runs. He was up to 3rd on lap 195. His car was really good at running the low-line.

Running order on lap 207: 18,19,4,11,78,41,21,24,42,31 … 20,2,1,48,47,34,5,27,88,22 … 3,6,16,44,95,23,14,43,17,38 … 46,13,15,83,10,7,55,32,30,98

Notable Moment: Around lap 208 Joey Logano complained about having power steering issues over his radio.

On lap 214 Brian Scott who was in 24th was the last driver on the lead lap.

Running order on lap 242: 18,19,4,78,42,41,21,11,1,24 … 48,31,34,2,22,47,20,88,27,5 … 3,6,16,44,95,43,17,38,46,83 … 15,23,10,14,13,7,55,7,32,30,98

Big Moment: On lap 253 Newman made an unexpected pit stop and was on pit road after slapping the wall very hard. Prior to his problem he was running in 14th. It dropped him two laps down back to about 30th.

Notable Moment: On lap 254 the caution came out for debris on the track. Tony Stewart was on pit road at that time for repair.

Running order on lap 270: 18,4,11,41,19,78,42,22,1,21 … 2,24,27,88,3,20,34,47,6,5 … 16,48,44,43,95,17,46,38,31,23 … 83,15,10,13,7,55,32,14,30,98

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