NOTE: This Scouting Report is a recap of what happened in fall 2016

Talladega Top Ten Starters

  1. Martin Truex Jr.
  2. Brad Keselowski
  3. Matt Kenseth
  4. Chase Elliott
  5. Greg Biffle
  6. Ricky Stenhouse Jr.
  7. Kurt Busch
  8. Denny Hamlin
  9. Austin Dillon
  10. Paul Menard

Talladega Full Qualifying Results

Pre-race Notes

Alex Bowman drove the #88

Kyle Busch, Carl Edwards, Matt Kenseth and Reed Sorenson elected to start in the rear of the field.

Talladega Fall 2016 Loop Data Box Score

Talladega Fall 2016 Loop Data Speed Stats

Race Notes

Brad Keselowski who started in 2nd in the outside row jumped to an early lead and led the first 11 laps. He was an extremely aggressive blocker.

The Joe Gibbs Racing drivers who elected to start in the back, stayed at the back for the entirety of the race. Just a few laps into the race they were a few seconds behind the field running by themselves.

Running order on lap 11: 2,24,78,11,17,41,3,22,27,6 … 16,4,48,21,42,88,10,1,95,43 … 34,13,99,44,38,32,38,23,83,47 … 31,15,5,93,46,14,20,18,19,55

On lap 12 Truex Jr. took the lead from Keselowski and led 2 laps.

On lap 14 Keselowski resumed the lead and then led the next 12 laps.

Early in the race the most aggressive drivers drivers at the front of the pack were Keselowski, Truex, Hamlin and Chase Elliott.

Running order on lap 22: 2,24,17,41,22,78,27,11,16,4 … 6,21,42,3,10,43,34,3,1,83 … 48,38,44,88,7,99,32,13,23,47 … 31,15,5,93,46,14,20,18,19,55

On lap 26 Chase Elliott took the lead and led 2 laps until Keselowski re-passed him and led for a lap. Then Elliott led the next three laps before Keselowski led the next six.

Running order on lap 36: 2,24,17,27,42,48,10,21,11,95 … 16,44,38,22,88,34,1,6,3,41 … 83,13,4,7,43,32,31,47,23,14 … 5,99,93,78,15,46,20,18,19,55

On lap 37 the first round of pit stops started.

During the first round of pit stops it was reported that Truex Jr. was really happy with his car.

Notable Moment: During the first road of pit stops AJ Allmendinger and Denny Hamlin got speeding penalties.

Notable Moment: During the first round of pit stops Joey Logano went back out on the track with a jack hung up under his car. He had to come back to pit road to get it removed and that essentially served the penalty.

Big Moment: On lap 42 Martin Truex Jr. engine blew up which brought out the first caution of the race.

On the restart following the Truex caution Brad Keselowski once again jumped out to the lead.He then led the next 15 laps.

Running order on lap 49: 2,24,41,21,17,48,27,16,44,34 … 6,1,95,23,42,3,11,13,22,43 … 5,10,83,4,38,31,47,88,7,99 … 46,47,31,14,15,19,20,18,78,55

Running order on lap 60: 2,24,41,16,17,5,48,88,44 … 27,43,22,13,95,38,42,7,21,10 … 34,83,99,32,11,3,93,15,46,4 … 6,31,47,23,14,19,20,18,55,78

On lap 64 Greg Biffle passed Brad Keselowski for the lead and led the next 13 laps.

Running order on lap 72: 16,24,41,17,48,42,2,43,13,95 … 27,88,21,1,22,44,5,7,83,10 … 4,34,11,38,99,32,6,15,3,31 … 93,47,23,14,19,46,20,18,55,78

Running order on lap 79: 24,2,16,41,17,21,48,42,22,5 … 43,4,13,34,27,88,1,44,15,7

On lap 79 Keselowski retook the lead but then immediately came to pit road with much of the field.

Running order on lap 90: 2,21,41,11,42,27,4,95,24,44 … 22,34,1,16,43,88,3,17,5,48 … 7,6,10,13,99,38,32,31,93,15 … 18,19,20,46,47,14,23,83,55,78

Running order on lap 98: 2,21,41,11,24,42,27,4,1,48 … 22,95,43,34,3,44,5,6,16,88 … 17,10,38,13,7,99,32,31,93,15 … 18,19,20,47,14,46,23,83,55,78

Notable Moment: Around lap 113 Brad Keselowski ducked out of the lead to try to clear debris off his grill. His engine was running hot.

Big Moment: On lap 114 the caution came out. At that time Casey Mears, Greg Biffle and Jeffrey Earnhardt wrecked.

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