NOTE: This post is a recap of what happened last fall at Kansas

Kansas Top Ten Starters

  1. Matt Kenseth
  2. Kyle Busch
  3. Carl Edwards
  4. Martin Truex Jr.
  5. Alex Bowman
  6. Joey Logano
  7. Denny Hamlin
  8. Brad Keselowski
  9. Ryan Newman
  10. AJ Allmendinger

Full Kansas Starting lineup

Kansas Pre-race Notes

Kansas Fall 2016 Loop Data Box Score

Kansas Fall 2016 Loop Data Speed Stats

Kurt Busch started in the rear of the field in a backup car.

Alex Bowman drove the #88.

Kansas Race Notes

Matt Kenseth who started on the pole selected the top lane. He led the opening 27 laps (first caution).

Joey Logano had a very fast car. He ran the top line early.

Running order on lap 17: 20,19,18,78,4,22,11,14,47,24 … 88,3,31,2,48,27,42,21,1,5 … 17,6,10,16,41,44,34,83,13,7 … 95,38,43,23,15,46,55,95,30,32

On lap 27 the first caution came out.

Following the first caution Matt Kenseth resumed the lead following pit stops and led the next 58 laps.

Running order on lap 33: 20,19,18,78,22,4,24,11,14,88 … 3,48,47,2,1,42,31,16,6,5 … 21,34,17,27,13,10,95,41,83,7 … 38,15,23,43,44,32,46,55,95,30

On lap 35 Denny Hamlin thought something was wrong with his car and he might need to come to pit road. He said his right front was dead. Hamlin was falling back quickly. At the time of the lap 36 caution he was back to 19th. It appears his team fixed the issue. His problem was his splitter.

Big Moment: On lap 36 Aric Almirola spun and had a tire go down. It got quite a bit of damage to his car. David Ragan had contact with him and got his front nose tore off. Aric Almirola had to go to the garage area for repairs.

During the Almirola/Ragan caution Denny Hamlin was one of just a few drivers who pitted. His team had a long pit stop to inspect his car. In total Hamlin made three pit stops during this caution.

Running order on lap 44: 20,78,19,4,22,18,24,14,3,47 … 48,31,42,2,88,1,5,27,16

Big Moment on lap 45: While running in the mid-teens Jamie McMurray had a tire go down and made contact with the wall. Jamie McMurray then took his car to the garage area for repair.

On lap 54 Kurt Busch was up to 17th. He started in the rear of the field.

Running order on lap 58: 20,4,78,19,48,22,14,24,42,18 … 47,2,3,27,31,5,41,11,16,88 … 21,6,10,17,34,13,95,15,83,7 … 38,44,46,55,32,98,23,30,1,43

Running order on lap 70: 20,4,78,19,48,14,24,22,18,42 … 47,2,3,27,11,88,31,5,41,21 … 6,16,10,34,13,17,15,7,95,83 … 38,44,46,55,32,98,23,30,1,43

Running order on lap 80: 20,4,78,19,48,24,22,14,18,47 … 2,3,88,42,11,31,27,5,21,41 … 6,10,16,34,13,15,17,7,95,83 … 38,44,46,55,32,98,23,30,1,43

Around lap 91 Alex Bowman got into the wall and had to make an unexpected pit stop to repair damage. He was running just outside the top ten at the time.

Running order on lap 100: 20,19,4,48,78,24,22,18,47,3 … 42,14,11,5,2,31,21,27,41,6 … 46,10,16,34,55,17,15,7,95 … 83,44,38,88,98,32,23,30,1,43

On lap 100 it was revealed that during the last round of pit stops Martin Treux Jr.’s team failed to put 10 gallons of gas into his car.

On lap 103 Kevin Harvick passed Carl Edwards for 2nd. Kenseth had a 5 second lead at the time.

Notable Moment: On lap 115 Martin Truex Jr. came to pit road. While he was getting serviced the caution came out when Josh Wise got into the wall. At the time he was off the lead lap. He was in 5th before he pitted. He was able to take the wave around and get back on the lead lap. The next time he pitted during the caution he was 3 gallons short. It was a drive line issue.

Running order on lap 123: 20,4,24,19,22,48,11,3,18,5 … 21,2,31,41,14,78,27,6,42,47 … 10,34,7,13,83,95,16,88,17,44 … 15,38,46,55,98,32,23,30,1,43

On lap 127 Kevin Harvick passed Matt Kenseth for the race lead using the high-line.

Running order on lap 140: 4,24,20,19,22,48,11,3,18,5 … 2,21,14,78,42,47,27,31,6,41 … 10,34,7,13,95,83,88,16,17,15 … 44,38,46,55,98,32,23,30,1,43

On lap 141 it was reported that Martin Truex Jr. was 12 laps short on gas from his last pit stop compared to where the competition’s fuel mileage was.

Running order on lap 157: 4,24,19,48,22,11,3,5,20,18 … 78,2,21,47,42,14,27,31,6,41 … 88,16,17,15,44,34,10,13,7,38 … 95,83,46,55,98,32,23,1,30,43

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