Kyle Larson Fantasy NASCAR
Credit: Jonathan Ferrey/Getty Images

Drivers have two types of fantasy value every week. They have Personal Fantasy Value, and Comparative Fantasy Value.

Personal Fantasy Value is an estimation of how good the driver is at a certain track compared to the other venues on the circuit.

Comparative Fantasy Value is an estimation of how good the driver compares to the competition at a certain track.

The levels of fantasy value from best to worst are … Very-High > High > Medium-High > Medium > Low

Let’s talk about Kyle Larson’s fantasy values for Kansas.

His Personal Fantasy Value is Medium. He’s had some good performances here but on paper he’s been really bad here. He has three straight results of 29th or worse and his average finish is 20.5.

His Comaprative Fantasy Value is High. I expect him to run very well on Sunday and be a factor to win. In the last four races at 1.5 mile tracks he’s finished runner-up.

Fantasy Tip: This post is aimed to help those in allocation based leagues.

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