NOTE: This post is a recap of what happened in fall 2016 at Charlotte

Charlotte Top Ten Starters

  1. Kevin Harvick
  2. Alex Bowman
  3. Chase Elliott
  4. Kyle Busch
  5. Tony Stewart
  6. AJ Allmendinger
  7. Martin Truex Jr.
  8. Carl Edwards
  9. Denny Hamlin
  10. Joey Logano

Charlotte Top Ten Starters

Charlotte Pre-race Notes

Matt Kenseth started in the rear of the field for unapproved adjustments.

Alex Bowman drove the #88.

Charlotte Fall 2016 Loop Data Box Score

Charlotte Race Notes

Kevin Harvick who started on the pole led the opening 12 laps.

On lap 13 Chase Elliott took the lead and led the next 101 laps.

Running order on lap 20: 24,18,4,88,47,11,48,19,14,78 … 42,22,10,1,3,31,17,16,5,21 … 2,41,27,6,20,43,15,7,95,13

Denny Hamlin really liked his car early in the race.

On lap 25 the competition caution came out. David Ragan got the free pass.

Matt Kenseth got penalized during the competition caution and had to go to the back again.

Top Ten Off Pit Road Following The Competition Caution: 24,18,4,88,47,11,19,48,42,22

Running order on lap 35: 24,18,88,47,4,19,42,48,22,78 … 1,14,21,11,5,17,41,10,31,2 … 16,3,6,34,20,7,44,15,95,13 … 27,43,38,46,83,23,98,30,32,55

Running order on lap 48: 24,18,88,4,19,42,47,48,22,78 … 1,21,11,41,5,2,14,17,31,20 … 3,10,16,34,6,7,27,44,15,95 … 43,38,13,46,23,83,98,32,30,55

On lap 53 while leading Chase Elliott really liked his car and was happy with his lap times.

Big Moment: On lap 62 Alex Bowman and Casey Mears wrecked. Bowman was running in 3rd at the time and had a tire issue which caused him to get into the wall.

Notable Moment: During the Alex Bowman caution Brad Keselowski’s team went over the wall too soon and he was penalized which sent him to the back of the field.

Running order on lap 75: 24,4,19,18,42,22,48,11,47,1 … 41,21,5,78,31,14,20,3,17,10 … 6,16,27,34,95,2,44,15,7,43 … 38,23,83,46,30,98,32,55,88,13

Notable Moment: Around lap 90 Kyle Busch made an unexpected pit stop under green because of a tire issue. It dropped him a lap down. He was running in the top 5 prior to the issue.

Running order on lap 93: 24,4,19,22,42,48,11,47,1,5 … 41,21,78,31,20,3,14,2,10,17 … 6,27,95,16,34,44,15,43,7,38 … 18,83,23,46,98,32,55,30,88,13

Notable Moment: Around lap 107 Kyle Larson who was running in the top ten made an unexpected pit stop and came to pit road under green. It dropped him from 5th to 31st. Fortunately for him green flag pit stops weren’t much later.

Running order on lap 108: 24,4,19,22,48,11,47,1,5,31 … 21,78,41,20,3,2,14,10,17,27 … 6,95,16,34,15,44,43,38,7,18 … 42,23,83,46,98,32,30,55,88,13

Big Moment: On lap 117 in the middle of green flag pit stops Joey Logano had a tire go down and crashed hard into the wall. Prior to the pit cycle beginning he was running in 4th. This caution really shuffled up the field.

Running order on lap 128: 11,48,2,34,4,15,16,1,24,31 … 19,5,20,21,78,41,47,22,3,10 … 18,42,43,38,7,95,6,17,27,44 … 14,46,23,83,32,30,98,55,88,13

Running order on lap 144: 11,48,2,4,16,24,34,15,31,1 … 5,19,21,78,20,41,3,22,47,10 … 18,42,43,38,95,6,7,17,27,14 … 44,46,23,83,32,98,55,30,88,13

Big Moment: On lap 156 while running around 4th Kevin Harvick had electrical problems and was slow on the track. During this lap Joey Logano had another problem and crashed into the wall again. Both cars had to go to the garage area for their problems.

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