NOTE: This post is a recap of what happened last fall at Dover

Dover Top Ten Starters

  1. Brad Keselowski
  2. Martin Truex Jr.
  3. Kyle Busch
  4. Matt Kenseth
  5. Joey Logano
  6.  Kevin Harvick
  7. Denny Hamlin
  8. Jimmie Johnson
  9. Chase Elliott
  10. Carl Edwards

Dover Full Starting Lineup (The starting lineup was set by owner points)

Dover Race Notes

Pre-race notes: Jeff Gordon drove the #88. Ty Dillon drove the #95.

Brad Keselowski started on the pole and he selected the low line. He led the opening 5 laps.

On lap 6 Martin Truex Jr. took the lead and led the next 15 laps until the competition caution came out. His car was very fast.

On lap 12 Kyle Busch raced up to 2nd, moving Keselowski back to 3rd.

Top ten in the running order on lap 16: 78,18,2,4,20,22,11,48,19,42

On lap 21 Kyle Busch passed Martin Truex Jr. for the lead.

Running order on lap 26: 18,78,2,4,20,22,48,42,11,19 … 24,1,3,41,31,14,5,88,34,47 … 16,27,47,17,6,43,13,44,38,15 … 10,7,83,23,95,55,46,30,98,32

Big Moment: On lap 34 Kevin Harvick had a blown tire and immediately took his car to the garage area. He was running in the top five at the time. His track bar mount broke.

Big Moment: During the first caution Kyle Larson was on pit road with a power issue. It dropped him down a lap and when he returned to the track he was just a few seconds away from getting lapped again. He also got a pass through penalty after having too many men over the wall when they tried to fix his issue. This dropped him 3 laps down to 39th.

Following the Kevin Harvick caution Kyle Busch resumed the lead and then led the next 69 laps.

Running order on lap 51: 18,78,20,2,48,22,11,24,19,1 … 31,3,21,41,14,5,88,16,17,27 … 43,34,13,44,6,38,47,7,83,15 … 95,23,83,10,55,46,30,32,42,4

On lap 54 Jamie McMurray complained about a vibration. He was running in 10th at the time.

Running order on lap 76: 18,78,20,48,22,2,11,24,19,1 … 31,21,41,3,14,5,88,16,43,17 … 27,34,44,13,6,47,38,7,15,95 … 23,83,10,98,55,46,30,32,42,4

Jimmie Johnson’s car was very quick. On lap 78 he was up to 3rd.

Running order on lap 96: 18,78,48,20,22,11,2,24,19,1 … 31,21,41,3,5,88,16,43,14,17 … 44,27,34,13,6,47,38,15,95,23 … 83,10,55,46,7,42,30,32,98,4

Big Moment: On lap 105 Ryan Blaney had a tire go down and got into the wall bringing out the caution. He was running in 12th at the time. This led to his poor 38th place finish.

Running order on lap 115: 18,78,48,22,11,20,24,2,1,31 … 19,3,88,41,16,43,14,5,17,44 … 27,6,47,34,13,38,15,95,23,83 … 7,42,10,46,55,30,98,32,21,4

On lap 125 Martin Truex Jr. passed Kyle Busch for the lead. Truex Jr. then led the next 64 laps.

Running order on lap 131: 78,48,18,22,11,20,24,2,1,31 … 19,3,88,41,43,14,16,5,17,27 … 6,44,47,34,13,38,15,98,83,23 … 7,42,10,46,55,30,98,32,21,4

Running order on lap 158: 78,48,22,18,11,20,24,2,3,1 … 19,88,31,41,43,14,5,16,17,27 … 44,34,6,47,13,38,15,83,23,41 … 7,10,95,46,98,30,55,32,4,21

Notable Moment: On lap 167 McMurray was starting to fall back in the running order. His engine started to fail him. He was running in 10th just a few laps earlier. He was 11 MPH slower than Truex Jr. at the time per lap.

Running order on lap 178: 78,48,22,18,11,3,20,2,24,19 … 88,31,14,5,41,43,16,17,1,27 … 44,34,47,6,13,38,15,83,23,42 … 10,95,7,46,30,55,32,98,4,21

Big Moment: On lap 182 Kyle Larson smacked the wall hard and brought out the caution.

On lap 189 Johnson got the lead. He then led the next 89 laps.

Big Moment: On lap 193 Jamie McMurray’s engine blew up. It marked the end of his race. During an interview he said he had a really good car.

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