Sonoma Top Ten Starters

  1. Carl Edwards
  2. AJ Allmendinger
  3. Martin Truex Jr.
  4. Kurt Busch
  5. Kyle Larson
  6. Denny Hamlin
  7. Joey Logano
  8. Kyle Busch
  9. Paul Menard
  10. Tony Stewart

Sonoma Full Starting Lineup

Sonoma Pre-Race Notes

Sonoma Loop Data Box Score

Sonoma Loop Data Speed Stats

NOTE: In this race drivers were racing the track with pit strategy throughout the event.

Sonoma Race Notes

Carl Edwards who started on the pole led the first 8 laps.

On lap 4 Danica Patrick had contact with Casey Mears. Prior to the race she said this was the best car she ever had at Sonoma.

Big Moment: On lap 5 Clint Bowyer had an electrical fire inside of his car and it marked the end of his race. He was running in 18th at the time of his problem.

On lap 9 during the restart following Bowyer’s electrical problem AJ Allmendinger took the lead in turn 2 in a pass in the outside groove.

Running order on lap 10: 47,19,18,41,78,11,14,42,31,88 … 27,22,2,5,4,10,24,13,3,1 … 20,21,16,43,48,6,44,7,23,17 … 34,95,83,98,38,93,32,46,30,15

Running order on lap 17: 47,19,78,18,88,14,11,41,42,27 … 31,22,5,2,4,10,48,24,13,20 … 43,1,95,3,21,16,6,44,98,7 … 38,23,17,83,34,93,32,46,30,15

On lap 18 Dale Earnhardt Jr. said his car was fantastic. He thought he had the fastest car on the track.

Notable Moment: On lap 23 during green flag pit stops McMurray was caught being too fast entering pit road.

Running order on lap 27: 27,4,31,48,98,10,98,18,38 (all drivers above didn’t pit during the green flag pit cycle), 19 … 47,17,24,78,11,41,88,14,42,5 … 83,93,6,32,13,21,20,2,46,3 … 22,43,16,44,23

On lap 32 during a green flag pit stop Kevin Harvick said his car wasn’t as good turning left.

Top 9 Running order on lap 34: 19,47,78,18,88,14,42,5,11

Running order on lap 37: 19,47,78,18,88,14,42,41,11,5 … 2,48,22,20,4,31,21,24,3,27 … 43,16,13,44,95,1,10,7,6,23 … 34,98,83,38,17,93,46,32,30,15

Martin Truex Jr.’s car was set up to be good over long runs. His lap times were consistent. He said his car was really good during pit stops shortly after.

Running order on lap 44: 19,78,47,88,18,14,48,11,41,42 … 2,4,5,22,31,27,24,21,16,13 … 20,43,3,95,10,1,98,44,7,6 … 34,83,17,38,93,23,46,32,30,15

On lap 47 the caution came out for debris. At this time Kyle Busch and Denny Hamlin were on pit road. It was very fortunate timing for them.

Dale Earnhardt Jr. liked his car over long runs.

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