NOTE: This post is a recap of what happened in the 2017 Daytona 500

Daytona 500 Top Ten Starters

  1. Chase Elliott
  2. Dale Earnhardt Jr.
  3. Jamie McMurray
  4. Denny Hamlin
  5. Kevin Harvick
  6. Clint Bowyer
  7. Brad Keselowski
  8. Kurt Busch
  9. Matt Kenseth
  10. Austin Dillon

Daytona Full Starting Lineup

Daytona Pre-race Notes

Ryan Blaney, Paul Menard and Jimmie Johnson started in the rear of the field in backup cars.

The lap number in the stages were 60/60/80

Daytona 500 Loop Data Box Score

Daytona Race Notes

Chase Elliott who started on the pole led the opening 5 laps. When the green flag waved Dale Earnhardt Jr. who started alongside him on the front row ducked behind him.

On lap 4 Dale Earnhardt Jr. got stuck in the middle groove and fell back to 10th quickly.

On lap 6 it was reported Clint Bowyer really liked his car. He liked it’s speed and handling.

On lap 6 Jamie McMurray passed Chase Elliott for the lead.

Running order on lap 10: 1,4,2,88,22,24,42,14,13,11 … 38,41,3,18,10,21,31,78,95,17 … 5,20,96,23,43,83,27,47,75,37 … 19,34,77,7,15,48,72,6,33,32

On lap 15 Joey Logano came to pit road to start green flag pit stops.

Big Moment: On lap 18 all the JGR Toyota’s and Furniture Row Racing cars came to pit road.

  • During the pit cycle Erik Jones missed his pit stall and got a speeding penalty. This dropped him down a lap.
  • During the pit cycle Daniel Suarez missed his pit stall. This dropped him down two laps.
  • On lap 21 Matt Kenseth came back to pit road because he had a tire issue. This dropped him down a lap.

Running order on lap 22: 4,24,2,88,1,42,3,14,21,10 … 31,95,13,41,23,38,7,27,75,83 … 47,17,5,37,43,96,48,72,34,6 … 15,33,32,18,11,78,22,77,20,19

Big Moment: On lap 31 Stewart-Haas Racing cars made their pit stops along with McMurray. On that lap Corey LaJoie was coming to pit road but he was going too fast. He clipped Clint Bowyer ever so slightly and damaged the #14. He then went careening into the wall.

  • During this green flag pit stop Kurt Busch was caught speeding on pit road.

The Corey LaJoie caution was a big break for Joey Logano.

Running order on lap 41: 4,18,11,78,21,2,17,27,1,38 … 10,42,88,95,22,48,31,24,13,3 … 43,37,23,75,7,41,72,34,47,32 … 77,34,98,15,5,6,33,20,83,19

On lap 44 Truex Jr. got scuffled back and went from 2nd to 16th.

Ryan Blaney was really racy on lap 50 and was racing side by side with Kyle Busch for the lead.

Big Moment: On lap 50 David Ragan slapped the wall very hard. He was running in 8th place at the time.

Running order on lap 52: 18,2,21,1,4,88,11,10,42,17 … 48,22,95,13,37,24,31,3,7,32 … 43,75,23,78,47,77,41,27,15,14 … 6,34,72,96,5,38,33,20,83,19

Big Moment: On lap 55 David Ragan had a tire go flat after contact with Newman. He then came to pit road to make an unexpected stop.

With three laps to go in stage #1 Erik Jones and Martin Truex Jr. came to pit road as a strategy move. During this stop Truex Jr. had an extremely long pit stop that dropped him down a lap.

Lap 60 Stage #1 Top Ten = 18,4,21,2,88,42,1,11,48,10

Running order at the end of stage #1 = 18,4,21,2,88,42,1,11,48,10 … 95,22,31,37,24,13,47,43,3 … 75,41,32,15,14

  • During pit stops during stage #1 Keselowski had a slow stop and had to backup.
  • During this round of pit stops Kyle Larson used strategy which got him up to the lead.

Running order on lap 72: 4,42,21,18,48,88,22,1,95,37 … 2,42,20,24,27,7,5,10,72,32 … 13,6,23,43,31,77,75,15,47,34 … 33,96,3,11,14,78,17,19,83,38

On lap 74 Denny Hamlin radioed that he was dropping back because he didn’t like how things were looking near the front of the pack.

On lap 82 Joe Gibbs and Furniture Row cars that were on the lead lap (everyone but Truex and Suarez) came to pit road as a strategy play. As a result of this strategy move Kenseth and Hamlin went a lap down. Kyle Busch and Erik Jones were running right in front of the leaders still on the lead lap.

Running order on lap 89: 4,21,48,22,95,2,41,13,37,27 … 7,32,72,15,10,88,42,5,1,24 … 75,6,43,31,47,34,23,3,14,33 … 96,18,77,20,78,11,17,19,83,38

Running order on lap 97: 88,7,48,24,37,1,5,72,15,42 … 32,75,6,43,31,47,34,23,3,14 … 33,96,4,10,41,22,2,21,95,13 … 18,77,20,11,27,17,78,19,83,38

On lap 100 Clint Bowyer wasn’t happy with his car. He asked if he had a parachute at the rear of his car. It was damaged earlier in the race from contact with LaJoie.

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