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Landon Cassill – Landon Cassill is a decent restrictor plate racer who’s recently been good for one respectable Daytona result every third race. In this years Daytona 500 he had his “third race” and finished 16th. In his two “third races” prior to that he had results of 12th and 13th. Outside of his “third races” his results have been pretty bad. Last summer at Daytona he finished an asterisk mark 31st. You can’t read into that result much because he had electrical problems at the time of the first competition caution that sent him to the garage. In the 2016 Daytona 500 he had a 22nd place average running position and finished 23rd. In 2015 he finished 13th in the summer and in the Daytona 500 his engine blew up and he finished last. (Yahoo C Driver)

Elliott Sadler – Elliott Sadler will be returning behind the wheel of the #7 at Daytona. He’s had some success here in the past but in his last four races he’s finished between 20th and 27th. In this years Daytona 500 he started dead last and finished 20th. In his three prior starts dating back to 2010 he had finishes of 22nd, 24th and 27th. (Yahoo C Driver)

Danica Patrick – Daytona hasn’t been a kind track to Danica Patrick recently. In the last four races she’s finished 27th or worse. Danica Patrick had a fast car in this year’s Daytona 500. If you were to look at her 33rd place finish you would never know it. In the race she finished 10th in the first stage, 5th in the second stage and was running in the top ten at the time that she was collected in the “Big One.” Last summer she incurred a pit penalty (drove thru too many pit stalls) and then was involved in the lap 90 “Big One” while running in 37th. Since the attrition rate was high she managed to escape with a 27th place finish. In last year’s Daytona 500 she didn’t run well and was involved in a late wreck which led to her 35th place finish. In the summer 2015 Daytona race she also finished 35th. In the 2015 Daytona 500 she had her most recent incident free race and finished 21st. She likely would’ve finished 30th but on the last lap she evaded the carnage. (Yahoo B Driver)

Chris Buescher – Chris Buescher is a proven wrecker at Daytona. He’s 3 for 3 in terms of wrecking and his combined average finish is 38.0. With all of his previous bad luck you would have to think he’s due to dodge a wreck. In this year’s Daytona 500 he really didn’t run bad and spent some time in the top ten but was collected  in a lap 128 “Big One” which marked the end of his race. In 2016 he was really bad and had results of 39th and 40th! Some good news regarding Buescher is that this spring at Talladega he had his best plate result and finished 15th. (Yahoo B Driver)

Darrell Wallace – Darrell Wallace will return behind the wheel of the #43 at Daytona. Unless this is a super high attrition race and he dodges the carnage I really don’t see a lot of upside in him this week, other than saving an allocation. In his two starts at “traditional” tracks this year he has results of 19th (Michigan) and 26th (Pocono). This year in the lower series at plate tracks Wallace has results of 33rd (Daytona) and 13th (Talladega). Over Wallace’s last five Daytona races in the Xfinity Series he has 1 top ten, 2 top twelve finishes and his three other results are 20th or worse. His average finish over those five races is 21st.

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