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Ryan Blaney – Ryan Blaney should run well at Indy and challenge for a top ten. Pocono is the most similar track on the schedule and earlier this year at that venue Blaney raced his way to victory lane, earned the 5th best driver rating and led 10 laps. His success from that race should translate into another good afternoon. Last year at Indy was a high-teens to low-twenties driver but was taken out in a late wreck that led to his 36th place finish. In 2015 when he made his debut he started 30th and drove up to a 12th place finish. He did use some pit strategy but ran well legitimately. (Yahoo B Driver)

Kurt Busch – Indy hasn’t been a place of great success for Busch. He finished 5th in his first start but that’s also his only top five. His overall average finish is 19.0. Since 2004 Busch hasn’t finished better than 8th here. Last year at Indy he had a respectable car but finished 16th. It should be noted he was better than his result. His average running position was 12th and he earned the 11th best driver rating. If it wasn’t for madness over the final 10 laps he was likely going to finish around 12th. In 2015 he had his best recent race. He finished 8th, earned the 11th best driver rating and had a 14th place average running position. His next most recent top ten was a 10th in 2010. In 2014 Kurt Busch didn’t have a good car but he wasn’t 28th place bad. His misleading result is the product of getting burned by a caution during the pit cycle. Prior to that issue he was running in the high-teens and it dropped him back to the thirties. In 2013 he had a good race by his Indy standards. He started 6th, had a 9th place average running position, earned the 11th best driver rating and finished 14th. (Yahoo B Driver)

Jamie McMurray – Jamie McMurray does good in “Big Money” races and I wouldn’t discount him at Indy. He’s a past champion but his recent results have really been lacking. That said it’s important to note his team is performing extremely well week in and week out and I expect that to continue. If you’re thinking about picking him just focus on his weekly 2017 performances over his recent track history. Over the last five Indy races McMurray has finished between 15th and 22nd. Last year McMurray finished 19th but it should be noted he was better than his result. He was really likely around mid-teens good but was collected in a wreck during the Green-White-Checker. Additionally from the race it should be noted he had a 12th place average running position and earned the 13th best driver rating. In 2015 he really didn’t have a strong showing. He finished 16th, had an 18th place average running position and earned the 20th best driver rating. In 2014 he was probably low teens good but because of how pit strategy worked he finished 20th. In 2010 McMurray kissed the bricks and raced his way to victory lane. (Yahoo B Driver)

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