NOTE: This post is a recap of what happened in spring 2017 at Pocono

Pocono Top Ten Starters

  1. Kyle Busch
  2. Martin Truex Jr.
  3. Matt Kenseth
  4. Ryan Blaney
  5. Kurt Busch
  6. Brad Keselowski
  7. Kyle Larson
  8. Jamie McMurray
  9. Joey Logano
  10. Ryan Newman

Full Pocono Starting Lineup

Pocono Pre-race Notes

Martin Truex Jr., Dale Earnhardt Jr. and Ricky Stenhouse Jr. all started in the rear of the field.

Darrell Wallace drove the #43.

Pocono Spring 2017 Loop Data Box Score

Pocono Spring 2017 Loop Data Speed Stats

Pocono Race Notes

Kyle Busch started on the pole and led the opening 17 laps.

Matt Kenseth who started in 3rd fell back to 8th on lap 4.

Notable Moment: On lap 6 Joey Logano came to pit road for a flat tire. He was running in 6th at the time of his problem. He remained on the lead lap, but just barely.

Running order on lap 12: 18,21,2,41,1,42,20,4,31,77 … 48,19,3,95,24,11,14,5,27,43 … 47,6,10,88,17,78,13,37,38,32 … 72,34,83,23,33,15,51,22,55

About 15 laps into the race green flag planned pit stops started happening.

Notable Moment: 18 laps into the race Ryan Blaney came to pit road again. He pitted earlier but had a loose wheel so he came back to pit road.

Notable Moment: 18 laps into the race Ryan Newman was caught speeding on pit road.

Running order 20 laps into the race (middle of a pit cycle): 77,6,10,17,78,13,18(first driver who pitted), 2,37,38 … 41,72,4,22,34,20,1,42,48,88 … 3,24,19,14,5,11,33,15,27,95 … 43,21,51,47,55,31,32,83,23

Notable Moment: On lap 21 Darrell Wallace was caught speeding on pit road in multiple sections. While he was serving his penalty he was caught speeding again and then had to serve a stop and go penalty.

Running order 34 laps into the race: 77(didn’t pit),18,4,2,41,42,20,48,24,1 … 22,3,14,5,19,11,78,27,21,88 … 95,10,31,47,6,13,17,37,32,38 … 83,34,43,23,33,15,72,55,51

Notable Moment: 42 laps into the race Joey Logano made his second pit stop. His first was too early in the stage so he needed more gas.

Running order 44 laps into the race: 18,4,2,42,41,48,20,24,1,3 … 14,5,77,19,78,11,27,88,21,10 … 31,95,6,47,13,17,37,22,32,38 … 83,34,43,83,15,72,33,95,51

Stage #1 Top Ten: 18,4,2,42,48,24,41,20,1,3

Running Under Caution At The End Of Stage #1: 18,4,2,42,48,24,41,20,1,3 … 14,5,77,78,19,11,88,27,21,10 … 31,95,6,13,17,47,37,22,32 … 38,43,83,34,23,72,15,33,55,51

Big Moment: On lap 58 Dale Earnhardt Jr.’s transmission was damaged and it marked the end of his race. He said he liked the way his car drove.

Notable Moment: On lap 58 Clint Bowyer got into the wall hard and damaged his car. It was smoking pretty badly. He then had to come to pit road.

Running order on lap 66 (green flag pit stops just started but not many pitted, 20 did): 18,42,24,77,4,2,1,78,48,5 … 11,21,19,95,41,47,10,27,6,37 … 22,13,38,3,20,31,27,32,14,34 … 43,72,83,23,15,33,95,88,51

Running order on lap 74: 18,77,78,,11,21,19,95,10,27,37 … 42,4,24,2,13,48 … 5,47,31,17,22,6,32,14,38,43 … 34,83,72,38,15,33,95,88,51

Running order on lap 92: 11,19,42,4,24,2,18,78,48,20 … 1,3,41,5,77,31,2217,21

Big Moment: On lap 95 Jimmie Johnson said his brakes failed and he nailed the wall hard. At that same time behind him in an unrelated incident Jamie McMurray destroyed his car after getting into the wall. It was the end of the race for both drivers. Johnson was in 7th and McMurray was running in 9th.

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