Denny Hamlin Fantasy Racing
Credit: NASCAR Via Getty Images

Denny Hamlin – Is still on baby watch this weekend so there’s potential he might not race. Christopher Bell is his relief driver. Focused solely on qualifying trim this session. Tomorrow Christopher Bell will supposedly get seat time in the #11. Hamlin was said to be fairly happy with his car.

Kyle Busch – Focused on qualifying trim exclusively. Got into the wall hard late in practice. The damage was said to be repairable.

Kurt Busch – 50 minutes into practice he said he’s loose in and tight off. At that time in race trim he was 11th.

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Danica Patrick – Started with a 6 lap run that put her 14th on the speed chart. Following her run she said, “It’s just loose on entry.” An hour into practice while she was 26th on the speed chart she said her car isn’t consistent and the front is just horrible.

Dale Earnhardt Jr. – Started in race trim. Following his first run he reported that his car is a little loose in the corners. Following his second run which put him 8th he reported that his car felt good. During his final run in race trim he said, “That’s better, I like that, I can turn the steering wheel now.” Those changes were said to be solid. After that he went to qualifying trim. In qualifying trim he reported that his car is very tight in the center of the corner.

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