NOTE: This post is a recap of what happened in spring 2017 at Bristol

Bristol Top Ten Starters

  1. Kyle Larson
  2. Chase Elliott
  3. Martin Truex Jr.
  4. Brad Keselowski
  5. Joey Logano
  6. Ryan Blaney
  7. Kyle Busch
  8. Jamie McMurray
  9. Clint Bowyer
  10. Kevin Harvick

Full Bristol Starting Lineup (was set by owner points)

Bristol Pre-race Notes

Chris Buescher started in the rear of the field in a backup car.

Bristol Race Notes

Kyle Larson started in the top line. He led the opening 202 laps.

On lap 20 Kyle Larson caught the tail end of the field and started lapping cars.

Running order on lap 21: 42,78,24,2,1,21,18,4,22,6 … 31,41,17,11,5,48,14,17,88,47 … 3,27,20,19,43,13,95,32,38,10 … 34

Running order on lap 39: 42,78,24,1,2,18,21,4,22,77 … 31,6,41,48,5,11,47,17,88,3 .. 14,27,20,19,13,95,37,43,34,38 … 32,10,72,83,33,15,23,55,51

On lap 47 the drivers who were using the top line the best were Larson, Harvick and Blaney.

Big Moment: On lap 55, Kurt Busch, Chris Buescher and Reed Sorenson wrecked. Kurt Busch was running just outside the top ten at the time. Chris Buescher was done for the day and Kurt Busch was able to keep driving but this dropped him three laps down. This brought out a red flag.

  • During the caution pit stop for the Kurt Busch wreck, it was mentioned Jamie McMurray liked his car. It was also mentioned Truex Jr. liked his car.

Running order on lap 75: 42,77,78,24,22,31,48,18,11,47 … 1,5,4,27,3,6,14,88,20,19 … 13,17,2,34,43,38,10,32,21,72 … 95,83,33,15,23,51,55,41,37

Running order on lap 95: 42,78,77,22,48,31,24,11,1,47 … 18,4,5,27,6,14,88,17,20,2 … 19,13,3,34,38,43,10,32,72,83 … 95,21,33,15,41,51,55,23,37

Big Moment: On lap 100 it was reported that Ryan Blaney was having power steering problems. Early in the race he was running very well in the top ten but at this time he was in the low-thirties.

Stage #1 Top Ten Finishers: 42,78,77,22,48,24,1,11,47,18

Running order on lap 130 under caution: 42,78,77,22,42,24,1,11,47,18 … 31,4,5,17,6,27,2,20,88,14 … 19,3,13,34,38,43,10,72,32,83 … 33,95,21,15,41,51,55,23,37

  • During this caution Ryan Blaney had a long pit stop to repair his power steering. It dropped him a few more laps down.

Joey Logano’s car was said to be good over long runs. A little loose over short runs. On lap 140 he was running in 2nd.

Running order on lap 153: 42,22,24,78,77,48,4,31,17,11 … 1,18,27,6,14,2,47,20,5,88 … 19,3,13,10,34,43,38,72,95,32 … 83,33,15,21,41,51,23,55,37

On lap 177 it was mentioned that Danica Patrick slapped the wall but kept on going.

Running order on lap 178: 42,22,78,77,48,4,24,31,17,1 … 11,18,2,6,47,20,27,14,5,88 … 3,19,13 (last driver on the lead lap),34,10,38,43,72,32,95 … 83,33,15,41,21,51,23,55,37

On lap 197 it was reported Kyle Busch didn’t like his car. He was running in 12th at the time.

Running order on lap 201: 42,78,22,77,48,4,24,1.17.2 … 31,18,11,6,47,20,14,3,27,88 … 5,19,13

On lap 203 Martin Truex Jr. passed Kyle Larson for the lead. Larson led the first 202 laps.

Big Moment: On lap 211 Kyle Busch had a cut tire and got into the wall hard. He was running in 12th at the time. This brought out a caution.

  • During the Kyle Busch caution Ryan Blaney went to the garage area with his hood up.

Big Moment: While running in 20th on lap 217 Dale Earnhardt Jr. got into the wall hard and brought out a caution.

Running order on lap 234: 78,22,48,4,1,11,77,42,6,24 … 17,31,2,20,47,14,3,5,27,19, … 18,34,13,38,43,72

Notable Moment: On lap 238 Aric Almirola’s cockpit in his car was filled up with smoke. He had a tire rub and made an unexpected pit stop.

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