Darlington Top Ten Starters (field set by owner points)

  1. Kevin Harvick
  2. Brad Keselowski
  3. Carl Edwards
  4. Kurt Busch
  5. Joey Logano
  6. Kyle Busch
  7. Denny Hamlin
  8. Martin Truex Jr.
  9. Jimmie Johnson
  10. Matt Kenseth

Full Starting Lineup

Darlington Pre-race Notes

Jeff Gordon drove the #88

Ryan Newman, Paul Menard and David Ragan all started in the rear of the field.

Darlington Loop Data Box Score

Darlington Loop Data Speed Stats

Darlington Race Notes

Kevin Harvick who started on the pole lead the opening 93 laps.

Running order on lap 20: 4,2,41,19,20,18,78,48,22,42 … 11,5,24,3,88,14,1,21,16,17 … 43,31,47,6,34

Martin Truex Jr. really liked his car. On lap 23 it was said his car was really good in both corners and his team didn’t make any compromises in either turns to do that.

Notable Moment: Around lap 25 Clint Bowyer came down pit road because of a flat tire under green. He pitted from 27th and it dropped him two laps down to 40th.

Running order on lap 40: 4,2,20,19,78,48,22,42,41,18 … 11,5,3,21,1,16,31,24,14,88 … 17,43,47,34,27,6 (last driver on the lead lap),44,7,13,10 … 95,83,38,23,46,98,38,55,32,15

Around lap 45 normal green flag pit stops started

Notable Moment: On lap 50 Austin Dillon and Michael McDowell were caught speeding on pit road.

Running order on lap 60: 4,2,20,78,42,22,48,19,11,18 … 5,41,1,14,21,16,31,24,27,88 … 71,34,43,6,44,10,15,13,47,7 … 3,83,23,38,46,98,95,55,32,30

Jimmie Johnson liked his car.

Running order on lap 87: 4,2,20,78,42,22,48,11,19,18 … 5,41,1,21,14,31,24,16,27,17 … 88,34,43,6,44,10,3,13,47,7 … 83,23,38,15,46,95,98,55,30,32

Big Moment: On lap 95 Trevor Bayne spun coming to pit road in the middle of the pit cycle and brought out the caution.

  • This caution jumbled up the running order a little bit. It was good news for some, and bad news for others.
  • During green flag pit stops before the Bayne caution Jimmie Johnson’s team made an unapproved adjustment and NASCAR made his team fix it. This dropped Johnson a lap down and he couldn’t take the wave around or get back on the lead lap because of his penalty.

Running order on lap 103 under caution: 2,17,24,4,20,78,11,22,1 … 42,19,18,5,41,14,3,31,21,27 … 16,88,43,44,48,7,83,23,10,13 … 47,6,46,95,15,98,30,38,55,32

Notable Moment: On lap 105 NASCAR made Jimmie Johnson do a pass and go penalty under green. Prior to the initial penalty he was in 7th. It dropped him to 26th. He was down two laps after this.

Notable Moment: On lap 114 Brian Scott got into the wall and brought out the caution.

  • Austin Dillon got back on the free pass during this caution. Johnson was now just one lap down.

Running order on lap 121: 2,4,24,78,17,20,18,34,1,22 … 14,19,11,42,41,5,3,27,21,43 … 16,88,31,48,7,47,23,10,83,13 … 6,95,15,44,46,30,55,98,32,38

Running order on lap 138: 2,4,24,78,20,18,22,17,1,11 … 19,14,41,42,5,3,34,27,21,43 … 31,16,88,48,47,7,10,23,83,13 … 6,15,44,95,46,30,55,98,32,38

Big Moment: On lap 153 there were reports Trevor Bayne was leaking oil. On lap 166 he went to the garage area.

Running order on lap 170: 4,2,24,22,18,78,20,11,19,14 … 42,41,1,88,17,5,34,27,3,21 … 31,43,16,48,47,10,13,23,7,83 … 15,95,44,30,46,38,30,32,55,6

Notable Moment: On lap 182 Ryan Blaney made an unexpected pit stop for a flat tire. He was already a lap down and running around 20th at the time. It dropped him two laps down to 27th.

On lap 186 Jeff Gordon made an unexpected green flag pit stop.

Running order on lap 187: 4,2,22,24,18,78,11,20,19,14 … 42,1,41,17,5,27,3,34,31,43 … 13,48,47,10,88,13,21,23,7,83 … 15,95,44,46,38,98,30,32,55,6

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