Richmond Top Ten Starters

  1. Matt Kenseth
  2. Ryan Blaney
  3. Martin Truex Jr.
  4. Ricky Stenhouse Jr.
  5. Joey Logano
  6. Kevin Harvick
  7. Kyle Busch
  8. Clint Bowyer
  9. Kurt Busch
  10. Jamie McMurray

Richmond Top Ten Starters

Richmond Pre-race Notes

Stage #1 Top Ten: 20,42,78,4,11,2,31,1,14,22

Stage #2 Top Ten: 2,20,4,11,42,31,1,14,13,22

Richmond Loop Data Box Score

Richmond Loop Data Speed Stats

Following the race Joey Logano’s car failed inspection and he was essentially stripped of the win.

Joey Logano started in the rear of the field after changing his transmission.

Austin Dillon started in the rear of the field after getting an inspection penalty.

Richmond Race Notes

Matt Kenseth who won the pole selected the low-line. He led the opening 163 laps.

On lap 1 Erik Jones got into the wall. He was able to continue going and no caution came out at the time.

Big Moment: On lap 6 Erik Jones had a cut tire while running in 20th and hit the wall hard. This marked the end of his race and brought out the caution.

  • During the Jones caution, drivers running as high as the mid-teens pitted. That shows how important tires are.

Running order on lap 18: 20,78,18,21,4,41,17,31,19,14 … 1,11,24,48,47,5,2,88,6,42 … 95,13,38,43,37,32,10,22,3,83 … 27,34,23,15,72,51,33,77

Around lap 33 it was reported that Kurt Busch was starting to have electrical problems that were affecting his cooling system.

Running order on lap 65: 20,78,2,18,4,31,17,11

Notable Moment: On lap 65 while running in 7th Ricky Stenhouse Jr. got into the wall with help from Denny Hamlin and brought out the caution.

  • Notable Moment: During the Stenhouse Jr. caution Kyle Busch, Dale Earnhardt Jr. and Chris Buescher were all caught speeding on pit road.

Running order on lap 70: 20,78,2,4,31,42,11,14,22,13 … 43,18,48,1,88,24,3,21,34,10 … 37,41,6,5,72,27,38

Running order on lap 87: 20,78,42,4,2,11,31,1,14,22 … 24,43,48,13,3,21,6,18,34,17 … 41,10,88,5,38,37,72,17,32,51 … 23,19,95,47,15,83,33,77

Stage #1 Top Ten: 20,42,78,4,11,2,31,1,14,22

Running order on lap 104 following Stage #1 pit stops: 20,42,78,4,2,11,14,31,1,22 … 43,24,13,32,3,21,18,6,48,41 … 88,34,5,10,37,38,72

Running order on lap 114: 20,42,4,78,2,14,11,1,22,31 … 24,43,13,3,6,21,18,88,41,48 … 5,34,37

Running order on lap 134: 20,4,42,2,78,14,1,11,22,13 … 24,31,48,43,18,3,6,21,41,37 … 17,5,88,34,10,27,38,72,32,15 … 19,95,47,23,51,83,33,77

Around lap 150 it was mentioned that Ricky Stenhouse Jr. had one of the fastest cars on the track.

Running order on lap 151: 20,2,4,42,78,14,11,1,13,22 … 31,48,24,18,43,3,17,21,6,37 … 41,5,88,34,10,38,27,72,32,15 … 19,95,23,47,51,83,33,77

On lap 162 Brad Keselowski was right on Kenseth’s heels. Brad Keselowski’s car seemed to work better in traffic.

On lap 164 Brad Keselowski passed Matt Kenseth for the lead. He then led the next 41 laps.

Running order on lap 177: 2,20,4,11,42,78,14,1,31,13 … 22,24,48,18,17,3,43,21,37,6 … 88,5

Running order on lap 189: 2,20,4,11,42,78,31,1,14,13 … 22,48,17,18,24,3,43,37,88 … 6,5,34,41,10,38,72,27,32,19 … 95,23,15,83,51,33,47,77

Near the end of Stage #2 Martin Truex Jr. was starting to fall back in the field. He said he lost all of his grip.

Stage #2 Results: 2,20,4,11,42,31,1,14,13,22

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