Credit: John K Harrelson/NKP

Danica Patrick – In 3 of the last 4 Richmond races Danica Patrick has finished in the teens. Over the last four races she has a 19.0 average finish, a 23.5 average running position and has the 23rd best driver rating. This spring she finished 18th and had a 23rd place average running position. Last fall at RIR Danica Patrick had her best result. When the checkered flag waved she finished 15th and had a 20th place average running position. From a performance perspective I think her average running position is more representative for how she ran. Attrition definitely helped her. In spring 2016 she had her worst result over this stretch finishing 24th and having a 24th place average running position. In the three races prior to that she had results of 19th, 25th and 16th. (Yahoo B Driver)

Michael McDowell – Since 2009 at Richmond Michael McDowell has only once finished better than 29th. That should scare away a lot of people and give him out of sync potential. This spring he didn’t run well at all. He finished 29th, had a 30th place average running position and earned the 31st best driver rating. Last fall he finished a “fools gold 12th.” I wouldn’t read into that result very much. His average running position was 25th and if there wasn’t a late caution he was poised to finish around 19th, and that was after a fair amount of attrition. In spring 2016 he finished 31st. In the 8 Richmond races prior to that he finished 39th or worse every race. At the other two shorter flat tracks this year McDowell has results of 24th (Phoenix) and 26th (New Hampshire). (Yahoo C Driver)

David Ragan – In 4 of the last 5 Richmond races David Ragan has finished between 19th and 23rd. In the one race he finished outside of that range he was involved in a wreck. On Saturday night I would view him as a mid-twenties driver who might be able to finish slightly better. This spring he finished 19th and had a 25th place average running position. Last fall he finished outside of that range and finished 34th after wrecking. He had a few problems in the race and before trouble struck he looked like a high-twenties performer. In the three Richmond races prior to that he had a 21.0 average finish and a 21.3 average running position. His results over that stretch were 17th, 23rd and 23rd. (Yahoo C Driver)

Landon Cassill – At Richmond I would look for Landon Cassill to be a mid to high-twenties driver. This spring he had his best RIR race in quite a few years and finished 21st. Additionally in the race he had a 21st place average running position and earned the 22nd best driver rating. In the 9 Richmond races prior to that he finished between 25th to 36th. Last year he looked high-twenties good in both events. Last fall he had brake issues that sent him to the garage which led to his misleading 36th. In spring 2016 he started 28th, finished 27th and had a 29th place average running position. In 2015 his RIR results were 26th and 30th. (Yahoo C Driver)

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