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Kasey Kahne – Kasey Kahne is a former New Hampshire winner who’s finished in the top 11 at least once per year since 2011. This summer he didn’t finish in the top eleven so in theory he should be due. This summer Kasey Kahne ran well early and finished 6th at the end of Stage #1. On lap 128 it was mentioned Kasey Kahne might’ve had some sort of issue that had him off pace. He was in 31st at the time. No specific issue was said but it was a dramatic drop off. When the checkered flag waved he finished 28th and had a 23rd place average running position. Last fall at New Hampshire Kahne had a great car and finished 9th. Performance wise he was slightly better than his result. What makes that even more impressive is that he started in the rear of the field for unapproved adjustments. In July 2016 he ran well but finished 25th. Performance wise he showed top ten potential but his car was damaged in a wreck with 17 laps to go. At the time of that incident he was running right around 10th. From the race it should be noted his average running position was 13th. In fall 2015 he had a solid showing. He finished 9th, earned the 11th best driver rating and had a 14th place average running position. (Yahoo B Driver)

Ricky Stenhouse Jr. – Ricky Stenhouse Jr. shouldn’t be overlooked at New Hampshire. He’s been a pretty solid performer here in recent races. In 3 of the last 4 events he’s finished in the top 14. This summer he had a 20th place average running position but came home with a 14th place result. Over the last third of the race his car was at it’s best. In fall 2016 he didn’t run well but keep in mind his team wasn’t competitive at that time and the race was full of green flag runs. In that race when the checkered flag waved he finished 24th and had a 24th place average running position. In summer 2016 he was likely a high-teens driver but he escaped with a 10th place finish because of how the end of the race played out (wild closing laps, lots of late attrition). It should be noted he had an 18th place average running position and earned the 18th best driver rating.  In fall 2015 he had a very respectable showing. He finished 13th, earned the 15th best driver rating and ran nearly a quarter of the race in the top fifteen. (Yahoo B Driver)

Ty Dillon – Ty Dillon didn’t have a bad debut at New Hampshire this summer. He finished 16th, earned the 18th best driver rating and had a 20th place average running position. Performance wise I thought his average running position was much more indicative of how he ran than his result. Outside of about the last 1/6th of the race he really never ran better than 19th. On Sunday with all the top teams bringing their A game it’s hard to see him perform that well again. Realistically I would look for him to be a high-teens to low-twenties driver. (Yahoo C Driver)

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