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Ryan Blaney – Don’t overlook Ryan Blaney at Dover. He’s run well here and his dismal 26.0 average finish should help keep him below the radar. In his last two starts here he’s run well but had major problems. This spring he had a great car and looked top ten good but he broke his axel while leaving pit road after the end of Stage #2. In Stage #2 he crossed the finish line in 8th. In Stage #1 he finished 7th. If he didn’t have problems I think it’s clear he was top ten good. Last fall he ran well but walked away with a misleading 38th place finish. On lap 105 while he was running in 12th he had a tire go down and nailed the wall. In spring 2016 he dodged the carnage and had a successful Dover debut. When the checkered flag waved he finished 8th, had a 13th place average running position and earned the 11th best driver rating. On Sunday look for Blaney to compete for a top ten. (Yahoo B Driver)

Joey Logano – Joey Logano has been a solid performer at Dover. Since 2012 in all of his incident free races he’s finished in the top 11. This spring Logano had a great chance to finish in the top 11 again but on lap 193 while he was running in 11th he had a tire go down and as a result he hit the wall hard which led to his 25th place finish. Last fall Logano had a strong showing and ran well. When the checkered flag waved he finished 6th, earned the 6th best driver rating and had a 6th place average running position. In spring 2016 he had a great car and had top five potential but finished 22nd because of his involvement in the “Big One.” In the 160 laps prior to the wreck he consistently drove 6th or better. Even with his involvement in the wreck he still had a 10th place average running position and earned the 12th best driver rating. In 2015 Logano had results of 10th and 11th. In the four races prior to that he finished between 3rd and 8th. (Yahoo A Driver)

Clint Bowyer – Dover has historically been a great track for Clint Bowyer. Not that long ago he had 9 straight top tens. This spring I thought he had top ten potential but he finished a misleading 31st after taking his car to the garage area because of a leak. In the race he started in 22nd and prior to his problem he climbed up as high as 5th in the running order. Last fall at Dover in his uncompetitive ride he finished 24th. In spring 2016 he didn’t run well but since the attrition rate was so high he was able to escape with a 12th place finish. In fall 2015 in his final race in the MWR #15 he finished 14th. In the 9 Dover races prior to that he finished in the top ten. (Yahoo B Driver)

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