Dover Top Ten Starters

  1. Kyle Busch
  2. Martin Truex Jr.
  3. Daniel Suarez
  4. Matt Kenseth
  5. Kyle Larson
  6. Kurt Busch
  7. Erik Jones
  8. Brad Keselowski
  9. Austin Dillon
  10. Denny Hamlin

Dover Full Starting Lineup

Dover Pre-race Notes

Jimmie Johnson started in the rear of the field because of a gear change.

Aric Almirola missed the race due to injury. In his place Regan Smith drove the #43.

Stage #1 Top Ten Finishers (Lap 120): 78,42,4,20,48,5,21,77,18,19

Stage #2 Top Ten Finishers (lap 240): 78,48,20,18,42,4,24,21,77,5

Dover Race Notes

Kyle Busch who started on the pole led the opening 18 laps.

Jimmie Johnson had no trouble moving up thru the field. 13 laps into the race he was up 14 positions.

On lap 17 the first caution came out when Ryan Sieg spun. He didn’t hit anything.

Big Moment: During the first pit stop Kyle Busch’s team failed to secure a tire on his car and it fell off. This damaged his car and dropped him to the back of the pack. He was the leader prior to that round of pit stops.

After Kyle Busch’s pit road problems Truex Jr. got the lead. He then led the next 28 laps.

Running order on lap 26: 78,17,41,19,2,42,22,77,11,24 … 3,4,20,5,21,1,88,48,14,31 …. 6,27,13,47,95,37,43,34,10,23 … 38,18,72,32,15,66,51,33,83

On lap 40 Kyle Busch was up to 25th.

Running order on lap 41: 78,41,17,19,42,2,77,11,22,24 … 4,20,5,21,48,1,14,3,31,88 … 6,13,27,47,18,37,95,43,34,10 … 38

Big Moment: While running in third on lap 47 Ricky Stenhouse Jr. got into the wall hard. This brought out a caution. It wasn’t a DNF knockout blow and he remained on the lead lap.

Running order on lap 59: 42,41,78,2,20,4,48,19,77,5 … 21,14,1,22,18,3,31,88,47,13 … 6,37,27,24,43,11,10,95,34,38 … 72,32,17,95,66

Big Moment: On lap 61 Ricky Stenhouse Jr. who was in 33rd had another tire go down and he got into the wall hard again. This marked the end of his race.

Big Moment: On lap 64 during a restart following the Stenhouse Jr. caution Kurt Busch who was running in 2nd spun. He spun up the track and hit Brad Keselowski who was running in 4th. Both cars got heavy damage.

On lap 74 Jimmie Johnson was up to 5th.

Running order on lap 75: 42,78,4,20,48,19,5,18,14,77 … 21,31,88,1,6,22,24,27,3,47 … 13,11,37,34,95,10,43,38,32,72 … 23,15,66,33,51,41,83,2,17

Big Moment: On lap 95 Kurt Busch wrecked again. This time he totaled his car. He had a tire go down. During a post wreck interview Kurt Busch said he really liked his car.

Running order on lap 100 under caution (The first 8 drivers didn’t pit): 78,4,48,6,37,34,38,66,3,20 … 5,42,21,77,18,19,88,31,1,11 … 24,22,37,13,95,43,10,

Big Moment: Sometime during the Kurt Busch caution, Clint Bowyer took his car to the garage area because he was leaking fluid. Prior to his problem he was running in the top ten. He climbed as high as the top five despite starting in 22nd.

Stage #1 Top Ten Finishers (Lap 120): 78,42,4,20,48,5,21,77,18,19

Running order on lap 124 under yellow following stage #1 pit stops: 42,78,5,21,77,18,19,11,88,1 … 24,32,78,22,4,48,33,3,6,95 … 31,43,13,37,47,72,27

On lap 136 Kevin Harvick was really happy with his car. He had good speed and just wanted a little more grip.

Running order on lap 137: 42,21,20,18,77,5,78,11,48,19 … 4,24,1,88,22,31,95,37,13,43 … 3,47,27,6,10,23,34,72,38,15 … 33,66,32,51,14,41,2,17

On lap 142 Kyle Larson who was the leader had the fastest car on the track and he was pulling away from the field.

Notable Moment: On lap 145 Danica Patrick spun by herself and didn’t hit anything.

Notable Moment: During the Danica Patrick caution Ryan Blaney ran into the back of Kenseth and did some damage to the front bumper of his car. His team fixed the problem and surprisingly he remained in the top ten.

Running order on lap 159: 42,18,78,48,20,77,11,21,4,5 … 24,1,22,19,95,31,13,88,47,3 … 43,6,37,27,10,34,38,72,15,23 … 66,33,32,51,83,14,41,2,17

Running order on lap 184: 42,18,78,48,20,77,21,4,24,1 … 11,22,5,19,31,13,3,88,6,47 … 37,37 (Last driver on the lead lap),43,95,34,10,27,38,72,15,23 … 66,33,32,51,83,14,41,2,17

Big Moment: On lap 193 while running in 11th Joey Logano had a tire go down and got into the wall hard.

Running order on lap 197 under yellow: 42,78,18,48,20,77,21,4,24,19 … 1,5,11,31,13,3,6,88,47,37 … 43,34,10,38,72,15,95,27,22,23 … 33,32,66,83,51,14,41,2,17

Notable Moment: On lap 205 David Ragan got into the wall and damaged his car. He was running in 22nd at the time. He then came to pit road under green which dropped him quite a few laps down.

Notable Moment: On lap 207 Michael McDowell came to pit road under green. He was running around the mid-twenties before pitting.

Big Moment: On lap 218 Landon Cassill got into the wall and this brought out a caution. He was on the lead lap in 21st at the time. Danica Patrick got the free pass at the time.

Running order on lap 218: 78,48,42,20,18,4,24,21,77,1 … 5,11,3,19,88,6,31,13,47,37 … 34,43,13,10,15,27,23,33,32,95 … 38,22,66,83,51,14,41,2,17

During the Landon Cassill caution Kyle Larson was the only front runner who pitted. At that time he said his car was junk.

With 11 laps to go during Stage #2 Landon Cassill got into the wall again. He came to pit road and no caution came out.

Stage #2 Top Ten Finishers (lap 240): 78,48,20,18,42,4,24,21,77,5

During the Stage #2 caution Larson was able to use some pit strategy.

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