Photo Credit: NASCAR

Kevin Harvick – Started in race trim and was extremely quick during his opening run short run. Among drivers who took part in race trim he was the fastest. Went to qualifying trim 40 minutes into practice.

Dale Earnhardt Jr. – Early in practice while he was in race trim and was fast he said he liked his balance a lot. During his first run in qualifying trim which put him up to 3rd he said, “Just a little tight rolling.” Liked his car but wanted a little more grip.

Jamie McMurray – Started in race trim to get a handle on his car. Seemed to have a pretty decent car.

Austin Dillon – Was in qualifying trim the entire practice. Said his car was too tight on takeoff and was doing some weird things on landing. Didn’t have good speed in qualifying trim.

Ryan Newman – Was in qualifying trim the entire practice. Was very fast in that setup and was in 5th an hour into practice. Wanted help going over the bumps.

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