2016 Fantasy NASCAR / Fantasy Racing
Image Credit: NASCAR

Dale Earnhardt Jr. – Was pretty happy with his car. Has good speed. Ran 44 laps and ended the session 2nd on the speed chart.

Kevin Harvick – Had really good speed. Ten minutes into practice while he was 1st he said, “It felt really good.” Ended the session at the top of the speed chart.

Clint Bowyer – Did some pit road practice this session. 15 minutes into practice he felt like he had decent speed based on how many laps he had on his tires. Ended the session 11th on the speed chart.

Jimmie Johnson – Sat out early and watched how other drivers drove in the corners. Following his opening 5 lap run 20 minutes into practice which had him 20th he said, “The balance is a touch on the free side – off.” Was called to the NASCAR hauler 30 minutes into practice.

Ricky Stenhouse Jr. – 15 minutes into practice while he was 19th he said he was too loose on landing. 35 minutes into practice while he was 20th he said, “Just need more front turn.” Sounds like his team is really targeting on getting an 8th place finish.

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