NOTE: This post is a recap of what happened in spring 2017 at Talladega

Talladega Top Ten Starters

  1. Ricky Stenhouse Jr.
  2. Dale Earnhardt Jr.
  3. Brad Keselowski
  4. Matt Kenseth
  5. Trevor Bayne
  6. Kevin Harvick
  7. Daniel Suarez
  8. Chase Elliott
  9. Paul Menard
  10. Kyle Busch

Talladega Full Starting Lineup

Talladega Pre-race Notes

Brendan Gaughan started in the rear of the field for an unapproved tire change. He drove the #75.

Stage Segments were: 55/110/188

Top Ten Finishers In Stage #1 (Lap 55): 2,17,18,78,6,22,27,10,21,77

Top Ten Finishers In Stage #2 (Lap 110): 11,4,21,78,48,42,41,5,77,1

Talladega Spring 2017 Loop Data Box Score

Talladega Spring 2017 Loop Data Speed Stats

Talladega Race Notes

Ricky Stenhouse Jr. who won the pole selected to start in the low line. He led the opening 13 laps.

On lap 3 Denny Hamlin went below the yellow line and then strategically dropped to the back.

On lap 9 Dale Earnhardt Jr. got stuck in the middle line and was falling back.

On lap 14 the first 4 cars in the running order were all Fords.

Running order on lap 14: 17,2,4,22,24,18,42,77,1,88 … 21,43,14,41,27,6,38,78,13,20 … 19,3,10,48,32,5,72,95,31,34 … 47,37,11

On lap 14 Ricky Stenhouse Jr. who was the leader had debris on his grill so he dropped back some to try to get it off. When he fell back Brad Kesleowski took the lead.

Notable Moment: On lap 15 Kyle Larson who was running in the top ten got into the wall. McMurray got into the back of him. Larson got some decent damage to his car and then he started dropping back.

Notable Moment: On lap 17 Larson brushed the wall again after having a tire go down and it brought out the first caution.

On lap 30 Kyle Busch was in the lead. In his career he’s led in all but two of his starts here.

Running order on lap 31: 18,78,2,6,21,27,14,5,20,4 … 88,22,95,17,10,24,48,42,11,41 … 32,77,19,13,43,1,3,72,34,47 … 31,38,37,15,23,7,33,75,83,55

Ricky Stenhouse Jr. had a really good car. He was right near the front again around lap 40. He previously dropped back to about 18th.

On lap 41 Kevin Harvick dropped to the back and was in 28th.

Running order on lap 48: 2,17,22,24,21,3,14,14,78,34 … 6,88,10,1,27,95,77,5,41,48 … 32,42,20,13,38,19,72,31,47,4 … 43,11,37,23,7,15,33,75,83,55

On lap 49 Kevin Harvick said his car was vibrating like crazy. He essentially fell out of the pack.

With 3 laps to go at the end of Stage #1 Denny Hamlin pitted. This allowed him to stay out at the end of Stage #1 and led to him leading 20 laps.

Top Ten Finishers In Stage #1 (Lap 55): 2,17,18,78,6,22,27,10,21,77

Running order on lap 72: 11,18,22,21,1,4,41,22,24,27 … 2,48,14,42,77,17,88,19,32,5 … 10,6,72,43,23,34,95,3,31,38 … 47,37,13,7,15,20,33,75,83,55

On lap 82 Reed Sorenson got into the wall and brought out the caution.

Running order on lap 90: 14,31,11,22,38,13,6,18,41,88 … 19,27,1,78,21,4,21,42,48,2,17

Running order on lap 100: 11,4,48,77,78,5,41,1,18,43 … 88,14,24,22,2,42,6,21,13,27 … 3,38,10,72,19,34,31,47,17,20 … 32,23,37,15,7,95,33,75,83,55

Matt Kenseth pitted a few laps before Stage #2 ended so he was able to start at the front during the final stage.

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