Martinsville Top Ten Starters

  1. Kyle Larson
  2. Chase Elliott
  3. Martin Truex Jr.
  4. Brad Keselowski
  5. Joey Logano
  6. Jamie McMurray
  7. Ryan Blaney
  8. Clint Bowyer
  9. Kevin Harvick
  10. Kyle Busch

Full Martinsville Starting Lineup (Field was set by owner points)

Martinsville Pre-race Notes

Daniel Suarez started in the rear of the field in a backup car.

Stage #1 Top Ten Finishers (Lap 130): 78,11,18,2,24,42,21,48,3,14

Stage #2 Top Ten Finishers (Lap 260): 24,18,2,48,21,88,20,77,6,5

Martinsville Race Notes

Kyle Larson who started on the pole selected to start in the outside line. He led the opening 23 laps.

On lap 7 Jimmie Johnson had a good amount of nose damage after getting into the back of Erik Jones.

On lap 24 Brad Keselowski took the lead. He then led the next 48 laps.

Running order on lap 27: 2,42,1,78,22,21,24,4,11,14 … 41,48,18,43,31,5,3,6,88,77 … 17,20,27,47,13,32,10,95,37,38 … 15,72,19,34,23,83,33,51

On lap 36 Larson was back to 7th. His car wasn’t good over long runs. He couldn’t run the bottom line. He said his drive off was bad.

Running order on lap 54: 2,22,78,21,24,11,1,4,48,42 … 18,14,43,5,41,31,3,88,6,20 … 77,17,27,47,13,32,95,10,38,37 … 72,15,34,19,23,83,33,51

Dale Earnhardt Jr. wasn’t happy with his car on lap 60. He was running in the high-teens at the time.

Notable Moment: On lap 70 Ricky Stenhouse Jr. spun and brought out the first caution. He didn’t appear to have any damage, but it did drop him a lap down.

During the first round of pit stops, Ryan Blaney was happy with his car. He was running in the top five at the time.

During the first round of pit stops, Brad Keselowski was happy with his car and said the track was coming to him. He was the leader at the time.

Notable Moment: During the Stenhouse Jr. caution, race leader Brad Keselowski and Trevor Bayne were caught speeding on pit road. Joey Logano who was running in 2nd prior to the caution was penalized when his crew went over the wall too soon. Ryan Blaney had a slow stop that dropped him back 16 positions.

Running order on lap 84: 78,11,4,24,18,48,1,14,21,5 … 42,41,3,88,43,20,27,31,77,47 … 13,2,22,6,32,32,72,23,34,83 … 38,10,19,15,95,17,33,51

Running order on lap 100: 11,78,18,4,24,21,1,48,14,5 … 88,20,42,3,41,43,31,47,27,2 … 22,77,13,6,37,72,32,34,23,83 .. 19,10,38,17,95,15,33,51

On lap 103 Jamie McMurray had a pretty severe tire rub.

Big Moment: On lap 106 while running in 9th Jamie McMurray had a flat tire and got into the wall hard. This marked the end of his race.

Notable Moment: On lap 122 Dale Earnhardt Jr. was spun. He was running in 10th place at the time.

Running order on lap 124 under caution: 78,2,11,48,18,42,3,24,13,21 … 14,27,4,5,31,41,20,22,43,77 … 47,6,37,72,88,10,32,17,19,95 … 34,83,34,15,38,33,51,1

Stage #1 Top Ten Finishers: 78,11,18,2,24,42,21,48,3,14

Big Moment: Shortly following the start of Stage #2, Daniel Suarez got into the back of somebody and got a severe tire rub in an “accordion effect” incident. This caused him to make an unexpected pit stop.

Running order on lap 147: 24,18,21,22,77,6,5,31,20,88 … 78,37,72,10,42,3,48,4,2,27 … 11,41,14,43,13,47,17,32,38,95 … 23,34,83,15,33,19,51,1

Running order on lap 177: 18,24,22,21,88,77,6,20,48,78 … 2,5,31,42,37,3,10,11,4,14 … 47,72,41,13,43,17,27,95,34,32 … 38,23,83,15,19,33,51,1

Running order on lap 193: 18,24,22,21,88,48,2,77,20,6 … 78,5,31,42,3,37,11,10,14,47 … 72,4,17,41,43,13,27,95,34,38… 32,23,83,15,19,33,51,1

On lap 206 Kevin Harvick got lapped. His car was really bad in the center of the turns. His crew chief was suspended this race.

Running order on lap 215: 18,24,22,21,2,48,88,77,20,6 … 5,78,31,11,3,14,47,42,37,17

Notable Moment: On lap 231 while running in third Joey Logano made an unexpected pit stop for a flat tire. This dropped Joey Logano two laps down.

Running order on lap 237: 18,24,2,48,21,88,77,20,6,5 … 78,31,11,3,14,47,17,37,72,42 … 10,13,43,4,41,27,95,38,34,22 … 32,23,83,15,19,33,51,1

Running order on lap 255: 18,24,2,48,21,88,20,77,6,5 … 78,47,31,11,14,3,17,37,72,

On the final lap on Stage #2 Ricky Stenhouse Jr. moved Kyle Busch who was the leader to remain on the lead lap. This allowed Chase Elliott to win Stage #2.

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